Università Cattolica (UCSC) International Scholarship in Italy 2022/2023

For n effective n smooth cemic progrm, you re welcome to pply Interntionl Scholrship Università Cttolic (UCSC). in Itly vilble for 0/03 cemic session reporting. Applictions re expecte from interntionl stuents wishing to stuy egree t the University.

UCSC Interntionl Scholrship is n nnul tuition reuction promote by Università Cttolic to promote interntionl stuent ccess to stuy progrms. The iscount covers bout 37% of the totl cost plus other benefits.

Scholrship sponsors: Università Cttolic (UCSC), Itly

Reception institutions: Università Cttolic (UCSC), Itly

Scholrship vlue: The mount is not mentione

Number of wrs: enough

Level of euction: Unergrute

ntionlity: Interntionl stuents

Interntionl Scholrship Università Cttolic (UCSC) DETAILS

This scholrship is utomticlly extene from yer to yer for the norml urtion of the stuy progrm. Successful cnites must mintin full-time enrollment sttus in orer to complete their egrees on time. In cse the cnite is not ble to grute on the expecte te, ll itionl costs will be borne by the stuent.

Nominees will be notifie of the wr vi emil when they receive n entry offer. The tuition fees tht pply to unergrute stuents receiving the UCSC interntionl scholrship re € 550 (price 0).


To be eligible for the Università Cttolic Interntionl Scholrship (UCSC) in Itly, pplicnts re expecte to meet the following  criteria

  • Applicnts must be interntionl stuents.
  • The progrm contins substntil quntittive component n cnites shoul hve goo unerstning of mthemtics.
  • Introuce stuents so tht they re lrey fmilir with worl history, institutions n cultures n hve bsic logicl, quntittive n nlyticl tools.
  • Applicnts must uplo recognize one < rel=”nofollow” href=” trget=”blnk” rel=”noopener”>English lnguge</> certificte in the online ppliction.
  • Complete high school n keep your high school iplom before August 30, 0
  • Hve high school iplom wre fter t lest yers of previous globl euction n obtine fter t lest yers of stuy in the sme ntionl euction system.

Appliction Proceures

How to pply: Applicnts for the Università Cttolic Interntionl Scholrship (UCSC) in Itly must follow these steps.

  • Click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Select your progrm from the list n click on “Implement”
  • Crete your ccount
  • Fill out your online ppliction t the Self Service Center
  • Uplo the require ocuments
  • Submit your ppliction

Deline for applications: Not set

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