Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in the UK

If you are searching for the best Bachelor’s degree to pursue in the United Kingdom, you will also be wondering the kind of job options are available for you after you graduate. Gone are those days where people study any course, they feel like in the university. Nowadays, if you want to secure a high-paying job after you graduate, you need to choose a degree course that has a high employment prospect.

Luckily in this post, I will show you the 10 best degrees that guarantee you a job in the UK. A survey was conducted by the HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) in 2016. The survey required data about Bachelor’s degree graduates after 6 months of their graduation. According to the results of the survey, 54.8% of Bachelor’s graduates worked full time in the UK while 12% worked part-time.

The top sectors where graduates work include

  • Education professionals (6.5%)
  • Marketing, PR and sales professionals (7.5%)
  • Business, HR and finance professionals (10%)
  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff (11.1%)
  • Health professionals (16.9%)

Let’s take a closer look at the type of degrees that guarantee jobs in the UK.

  1. Business Administration and Management degree

Unsurprisingly, Business Administration and Management degrees make it to the list. Careers in Business Administration and Management have long been one of the best paying jobs in the UK. Graduates with Business Administration degrees are highly employable and attractive to employers in the UK because they have lots of transferrable skills, including problem-solving skills and good management skills over projects. You can hardly run out of a job in the UK with a business management degree. You can expect to collect a salary between 17,400 GBP to 25,700 GBP.  

The top types of jobs for Business Administration and Management graduates in the UK include:

  • Managers
  • Marketing, PR and sales professionals
  • Business, HR and finance professionals

The best universities to pursue a business administration or management degree in the UK include

  • University of Gloucestershire
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences College, at University of Derby
  • Hult International Business School
  1. Accounting and Finance Degree

Accounting and finance graduates in the UK enjoy great job prospects with high salaries ranging from 19 000 t0 28 000 GBP. Most of them work in the same job sectors as their studies. The skills they acquire during their undergraduate studies position them to be relevant in any company and organization. The accounts department is a key department in every company as such accountants are in hot demand in the UK and it’s fairly easy to find a suitable job in the UK.

Here are some of the best jobs available for Finance and accounting graduates in the UK

  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff
  • Clerical, secretarial and numerical clerks
  • Business, HR and finance professionals

Here are some of the best universities to pursue an accounting degree in the UK

  • The University of Law Business School
  • Faculty of Business and Law, at University of Portsmouth
  1. Medicine and Dentistry degree

The UK is known for having one of the best medical systems in the world. Also, the UK is home to some of the top-notch medical schools in the world. A key feature of these universities is that they offer innovative courses where theory and practice are combined in a perfect educational approach.

With a medicine or dentistry degree, you’re always guaranteed of getting a befitting job after your graduation. During your medical studies in the UK, most of your time will be spent in a teaching hospital environment. Aside from professional mentorship from professors, young doctors get a full set of skills that make them relevant in their world.

As a result of this rigorous process in training medical doctors and strong partnership with the National Health Service, medicine and dentistry graduates in the UK enjoy high employment opportunities.

Among all the options available in the medical world, dentistry is the most in-demand and most rewarding degrees. On the average, medical doctors earn about £50,000 years after graduation.

  1. Computer Science and IT degrees

Information Technology and Computer Science graduates are highly employable on the British market as there’s a high demand for IT experts, web developers and programmers. The average salary of IT experts and Tech personnel range from 20,000 to 30,000 GBP.

However, you must note that not an IT or Computer Science graduates kick start their career in their area of specialization right away. Because most have to pursue a Master’s degree to perfect their skillset and increase their employability status after they finish their Bachelors

Most IT graduates work as:

  • Business, HR and finance professionals
  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff
  • Information technology professionals
  1. Civil Engineering Degree

One of the best degrees that guarantee you a job in the UK is an Engineering degree. A bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering will open you to the endless opportunities available in the Landscaping, architecture and construction industry. If you are looking for a reliable and clear career path, then you should pursue a civil engineering degree. Civil engineering graduates work as

  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff
  • Other professionals, associate professionals and technicians
  • Engineering and building professionals

Here are some British universities where you can study civil engineering

  • Engineering and Technology College at the University of Derby
  • Faculty of Technology at the University of Portsmouth
  1. Engineering degree

Engineering graduates in the UK are some of the most employable and highly paid employees on the job market. There are many benefits available for engineering graduates in the UK.

Some of the key areas that are constantly in need of professional engineers include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Among the above-listed Aerospace engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental engineering, and software engineering are the most employable engineering degrees in the UK. An average engineer in the UK earns an annual salary of over £33,000. Note that this amount varies depending on your area of specialization.

  1. Architecture Degree

Architects are part of the highly sought-after professionals in the UK market. Gone are those days where the construction and design of houses were not seen as a top priority. Nowadays, everyone needs the service of a professional architect to design their building project. The industry is changing rapidly, and professionals with a high academic background in architecture are in high demand in the job market.

Today individuals, businesses, and companies are aiming for buildings above optimal standards that are unique in their display. To achieve this, professional architects are needed.

A fresh graduate in architecture earns an average salary of £30,000 per year.

  1. Education Degree

One of the sectors given topmost priority in the UK in the education sector. The British government is passionately committed to improving the quality of education in the country and the infrastructure of the universities to ensure that students become better and excel in their academic pursuits.

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in education, you will have the requisite knowledge and practical skills to teach youngsters in schools. There are many private and public schools in the UK looking out for outstanding education graduates to occupy various positions in the school. The employability rate for education graduates in the UK is relatively high and you will also have countless opportunities outside the university

An average individual holding an education degree will earn nothing less than £27,000 per year.

  1. Law Degree

The UK’s law degrees have gained global recognition beyond national borders, therefore wherever you end up after your university studies, your chances of finding a high-paying job are high. Law graduates in the UK have numerous job roles ranging from barrister to advocate, solicitor, Legislative analyst, and patent attorney.

More so, law graduates are highly suitable for other job openings not directly related to law. It is estimated that a law graduate earns an average salary of £35,000 per year.

Law graduates from UK universities pursue professional qualifications such as the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or Legal Practice Course (LPC). This opens them up to the endless opportunities available in their field.

  1. Economics Degree

Graduates of Economics in the UK are highly sought after in the job market. Individuals, enterprises and cooperative organizations, all need the services of professional economists who will maintain the financial stability of their company. Therefore, if you have this type of degree there will be countless opportunities waiting for you after you graduate.

When it comes to earning potential, economists are some of the most highly paid employees because their contribution is immeasurable. According to statistics from the UK government, Economics graduates earn more than other degree holders. An average economist earns a net salary of £40,000 per annum.

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Benefits of Working in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the best and most popular destinations for those looking for an overseas career. The country is a favored choice for immigrants not only for its high-quality education but also for high employment opportunities. Besides working in the UK has its own added advantage.

One of the main benefits of working in the UK is that you get paid in pounds. Considering the high exchange rate of the British pound, if you’re on a high-paying salary job, you will have a better life and will earn more than what you will get if you were doing the same job in your home country.

  • An Opportunity to get permanent residency

If you have been working in the UK for over five years, you qualify to apply for a permanent residency. With a permanent residency, you have the liberty to work anywhere in the UK without requiring a visa. Also, if you have a family in your home country, you can bring them to stay with you in the UK after having your permanent residency.

Other benefits include

  • Access to world class health and educational facilities
  • Social security benefits

Here we have them, the Top 10 degrees that guarantee a job in the UK. Feel free to pursue any of the degrees listed above and watch yourself get a high-paying job after your graduation.

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