Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most fascinating, mountainous country located in the heart of Europe, bordered by Italy, France, and Germany with some glorious sites to be explored from the Swiss Alps to the Jura mountains, In regards to Nature, Switzerland is blessed as it contains lakes, river, landscapes, ski resorts, it is also home to some top tourist sites like Geneva, the Swiss national park, the Rhine fall, etc. Switzerland is known to be a country of banks, watches, and chocolates(fondly named as swiss chocolate), some very interesting facts that makes Switzerland unique is the fact that it is the most innovative country in the whole world,  has a very low rate of people living in poverty, low crime rate, home of world longest staircase and many others. Swiss has a population of 8.67 million people and covers 41,277sqkm. The currency used in Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF), it has four official languages which are German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

Why Study/Work in Switzerland

There are so many reasons why a person should pick an interest in both studying and working in Switzerland, it contains two of the most highly rated University in the whole world( the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and ETH Zurich), they have a high quality of education and tuition fees are relatively low as they are subsided by the Swiss government, a lot of the public University charges as low as €1000 per academic year, it provides a high quality of living, it has a very low crime rate, high wages and some of the most brilliant transport infrastructure making living there a bliss., booming Job market, working in Switzerland is a very good way to save money as swiss salary is the highest in Europe the only downside to it is the high working hours.

If you want the perfect job after crossing the threshold of graduation then having a degree in one of these degrees, we will be bringing to your attention below, so take your time and take a very good look at each one in detail.

The top 10 Degrees That Guarantee Employment in Switzerland

  1. Computer science: computer scientist validated and develop software to enhance interactions between people and computers, they consider how the technology handles data and then applies it to programs. ETH Zurich is one of the best schools in Switzerland to study computer science. The job situation in swiss is extremely attractive for computer scientists (software engineers) as they can work in many firms and even pharmaceutical companies over there with very good enumeration salaries as the median starting salary is said to be CHF 87,673 but the chosen expert plays an important role.
  2. Information Technology: information technology popularly known as IT for short is one of the highest-paid profession in the world, system architecture designs and also oversee the build of IT infrastructures for businesses, organizations, and clients, the average estimated salary of an IT personnel is CHF 135,295.
  3. Social work/ sociology: deals with the relationship of humans being in aspect to their environment, social work deals with finding and discovering new methods that influence human behavior and interactions to help people overcome their problems. Entry-level work positions generally require a bachelor’s degree in Social work, a higher level position requires a masters in Social work. Schools that offers Social work/Sociology in Switzerland is the University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Social work degree teaches students how to improve the wellbeing and life quality of vulnerable groups like children, youths, homeless people and minorities. The median salary of a certified entry-level social worker in Switzerland with 1 to 3 years is CHF 45’805 on the other hand, a senior level entry with 8 years is CHF 74’425.
  4. Economics: has to do with the theoretical and practical aspects of the production and distribution of wealth, it is simply the production, buying, and selling of goods and services. The two main areas of economics are micro and macroeconomics, the former being the study of the dynamics between individuals and organizations while the latter is about the economic activities of an entire organization, market, or country. Most Economics degree lasts for 3or 4years and is primarily taught through lectures in University or college, one of the best schools to study economics in Switzerland is School of Economics and political science, for someone that holds an economic degree, finding employment is versatile, they can either work in financial institutions, as an investment analyst and so many others. The median salary of an economist in Switzerland is CHF 143,000
  5. Accounting: accountants should not only be numerically inclined but also be technically sound, good time managers as well,  an account is responsible for the management of company finance, they prepare financial statements, such as cash flows and balance sheets on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, assisting in the investigation of financial crimes within the company, detecting and preventing fraud, advising clients on legislation and tax planning and so many others, some of the specialist areas in accounting include, cooperate tax, internal audit, external audit, forensic service, cooperate finance, risks assurance etc. some set of skills needed to excel as an accountant include but are not limited to micro excel skills, communication skills, numeracy skills, attention to detail, etc. you can offer accounting in German in Zurich or in French in Lausanne, to qualify as an accountant in Switzerland, it is imperative to take an examination set by EXPERTsuisse and pass it. The average estimated salary of an accountant in Switzerland is CHF 89,515.
  6. Healthcare:  healthcare is a very important sector in any country and Switzerland is not left behind as they can boast of one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, healthcare is the maintenance and improvement of health via the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, and recovery from any illness, injury or diseases. Healthcare is mostly delivered by health practitioners; the primary aim of healthcare is to enhance the quality of life by enhancing life. The healthcare industry is comprised of companies that offer clinical services, manufacture drugs and equipment, and provide health-related services. An individual can study healthcare-related courses at the University of Cumbria, University of Basel, Basel Switzerland, ZHAW Zurich. The median salary of a healthcare worker in Switzerland is CHF 237,000.
  7. Media study: media studies play a very important role in our everyday lives and it has never been so pertinent than it is at this moment because of the influx of people to the internets, ranging from the Tv presenter, social media, blog a and blogs, Radio stations, cinema and a host of others. These skills become an in-demand skill all over the world and competition has become very fierce as technology and creativity increase. Media skills will empower an individual with the necessary skills required to succeed in the modern workplace, media studies entry requirements include English language and literature, psychology and sociology. Some of the jobs you can do with a media study include been a presenter, copywriter, media researcher, advertising media buyer, broadcast journalist etc. media studies are generally three years long, some of the schools in Switzerland that offer that course is the University of Zurich, and also the University of Geneva and a host of others. A person working in media typically earns around 114CHF yearly.
  8. Engineering: Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to provide an economic solution to technical problems. They surprise production in various industries, determine the cause of component failure and maintain quality by testing the company’s product. We have different types of engineers ranging from petrochemical engineers, chemical engineers, marine engineers who’s works is majorly repairing ships in the seas, computer hardware engineers whose job it is to repair and fix computer hardware related problems, etc. for any kind of entry-level job in engineering a bachelor degree is required, most engineering programs involves an intense and a concentrated study in a specialty in engineering along with courses in both sciences, mathematics, a design course etc. many colleges offer a two to four year degree in engineering, engineers should be creative, analytical, inquisitive and very detail-oriented, the four major types of engineering are the chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering., the schools that offer engineering as a course in Switzerland are Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich and Ecole Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne, the median amount earned by an engineer in Switzerland Is CHF 115,000
  9. Transportation and logistics study:  Logistics describes the management of activities associated with the planning and movements of goods across diverse companies along with the information that comes with it whereas transportation is the movement of goods. Employees with the skills and knowledge in transportation and logistics are well sought after and paid handsomely because transportation and logistics is a very vital part of the world today, it keeps the world moving literally. Having a degree or an advanced degree in this area can guarantee you an executive-level position. North Dakota State University’s College of Business offers a degree in this field, College of Business at NDSU also offers PhD in Transportation and logistics, Zurich in Switzerland also offers Graduate Thesis in Transportation and Logistics Management, a person working in the transportation and logistics industry in Switzerland earn a median salary of CHF 155,000 yearly.
  10. Hospitality: it is a fast-rising competitive field with very strict work ethics, people working in hospitality most especially those in management positions or administrative need a good grasp on businesses and what drives businesses to succeed, to have a good start, and be at the top of your career you would need a well-regarded degree in hospitality or tourism, hospitality focuses on providing people great travel and accommodation and provides other amenities such as sports centers, event centers, restaurants, hotel lodgings, etc. the University that offers a hospitality management degree in Switzerland is Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne. The median salary for hospitality is CHF 249,000.

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If you want to get a job immediately after you graduate in Switzerland, then you need to study one of the courses listed in this post.

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