Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Spain

Spain is one of the best destinations for expats in Europe, with a beautiful culture to give a shot in your spare time. The cost of living in the country is relatively low compared to other European countries.

While living and working in Spain, you are offered a great opportunity to learn the Spanish language which is the second most common language in the world. While still warming up to move over to the country to work, you need to understand that the country was hit hard by the economic crisis. With this, the rate of unemployment is one of the highest in Europe at 14.4% and the rate of unemployed youths is around 30.6% which is relatively high.

There is fierce competition for jobs in Spain and for you to get the best as an international worker, you need to gear towards the big cities because job prospects are relatively higher than the smaller cities. Madrid and Barcelona are two popular cities for international workers, whereas Valencia and Seville are the largest cities.

You also need to understand that securing a job in Spain means that you would need to compete with the nationals. To get good jobs, you need to acquire a degree in fields like tourism, IT, healthcare, finance, language and consulting. However, the service sector is predominant in the job market. There are a number of international companies like Abengoa, Abertis, Ficosa, Logista, Inditex, among others.

There are also sectors lacking in skills and this could be an opportunity for international workers to get good jobs. Highly skilled professions like engineering, sales, IT, medicine, shipping and teaching are in hot chase. There are also enough vacancies in fields like banking and tourism.

Below are some popular degree programmes you can offer to guarantee you a great job in Spain

  1. Law

The law field is one of the most popular fields in Spain. For those wanting to study law, whether the goal is to become a lawyer, a government official or you want to work in any related field, you can become whatever you conceived in Spain. There is a compulsory course you must do if you want to have a law degree in Spain and it is called The Legal System of the European Union. Students globally are taking this course because it provides the pedestal that could help you function extensively in Europe as a lawyer. You will learn how the legal system functions in Spain and also how the decision making process is established in the country. So, you will have a strong foundation on how the whole European legal process operates.

International Criminal Law is another course in Spain that can help you in building a strong career. You will be ushered in to learn the core international crimes while having the knowledge of the development of procedures and basics of criminal justice.

If you are interested in offering a law course in Spain or any European country, it is requisite for you to take a course. Taking the course will help you to understand the nitty-gritty of law and how legal paths were developed. Additionally, you will be taught the comparisons of constitutional law.

In Madrid, you will be offered a variety of courses in law and this could help you in building a solid foundation in your field of studies.

  1. Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities is another field that needs to be greatly explored in Spain. Armed with the degree, you will have the opportunity to work in almost every sector in Spain while having your cruise in your chosen career path. You could work in fields like English language, history, language, visual arts, and more. Upon graduation, you are required to write a research thesis which must be duly completed and signed. Afterward, you would earn your degree and choose the career path you want to explore your skills.

Talking about skills, as a major in Arts and Humanities, you will have a number of transferable skills that can enable you to navigate many areas of life and career. Skills like project management, creativity, good communication, teamwork, and so on will help you to make a difference in your job.

Popular courses offered in this field include Western American Literature, Spanish Literature, Fundamentals of Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, and Popular Music. You should also have it in mind that the exact courses to be offered vary with your choice of university and the areas you can major in also vary.

  1. Science

Science degrees are multidisciplinary and offer you unlimited possibilities for a great future and a colorful career. Some science courses include microbiology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and a number of other degree choices. There also exist both graduate and undergraduate degrees in sciences. Getting a job in Spain with these degrees is something to easily come by. There is also room for growth in your career as you proceed.

  1. Spanish Courses

There is no better place to learn Spanish than in Spain! The universities in Spain offer their courses in Spanish, though you can opt for English or any other language as long as you pass the language requirements. Taking a course that specifically teaches Spanish is also possible and can be completed at a normal time.

So many non-Spanish nationals come to Spain to offer Spanish courses. Some choose to take the course before advancing in their individual careers. Upon graduation, you can choose to teach the language, work in embassies, become a translator or interpreter and so many numerous job opportunities that abound in this field.

  1. Marketing and Finance

Entrepreneurs these days are smiling to the bank as most of them have been able to take advantage of the internet to take their business anywhere in the world. Marketing and Finance is one course you can offer in Spain that would help you to build and operate your own business. This course is also one of the most popular courses in Spain that would guarantee you a great job, assuming you want to work in an organization as a marketing and financial expert.

Both graduate and undergraduate degrees are available in this field and having the degree mean you have acquired enough skills and knowledge that will help you to take up varieties of opportunities before you.

As a Marketing and Finance professional, you can choose to do the job of a marketing consultant, financial analyst, advertising executive, accounting executive, product manager, sales representative, and many others.

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  1. Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is another field of study in Spain that would guarantee you a variety of jobs. So many universities in Spain offer degree programmes in this field. With the degree, you can choose to work in a hotel, motel, restaurant or similar establishments. You can also choose to establish yourself as an entrepreneur and run your business like a professional in the field. Earning a bachelor’s degree in this field is good, but going for your master’s degree afterward is great. The time taken to complete your degree programme, depends solely on the university you choose to obtain your degree certificate.

  1. Business Management and Enterprise

Business Management and Enterprise is a degree programme that prepares you to become a future entrepreneur. It equips you with skills and knowledge that would help you to start your own business or to work with large companies in Spain.

The programme presents a general business outlook while developing your integrated perspective of business. It will also equip you with leadership skills in various issues of life, teamwork, planning, launching, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, negotiation, and other transferable skills. You can take up roles in entrepreneurship and startups, family business, business consulting, networking, and management analysis.

  1. Cyber Security

One of the problems facing the world today is security. With the emergence of the internet, there have been lots and lots of threats to people’s securities online. Obtaining a degree in Cyber Security will prepare you to take roles in different kinds of threats and challenges that are faced in the modern world.

The starting courses are foundations in mathematics and computer science, then, continue with programming and security tools, while arriving to the understanding of various cyber threats, enterprise security, architecture, as well as legal and ethical aspects of the programme.

  1. Communication and Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations professionals are indispensable in corporate organizations and society as a whole. The digital world has been able to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. Professionals in this field can leverage this new development to get across to different consumers globally in order to expand their businesses.

Graduates in this field are equipped with the skills to drive companies to optimal levels, by making use of the abounding world of digital resources. Students, upon the completion of the program, could boast of knowledge in information management, media relations, employee communication and web-based communication.

  1. Sports Management

If you love sports and would want to take it to a professional level, then, you will benefit a lot if you live and work in Spain. The sports industry is a multi-billion industry with Spain and other European countries cashing in on them. Courses offered in Sports Management include sports management theory, business, entrepreneurial studies, sports broadcasting, public and media relations in sports, sports broadcasting and sports career development, all with global perspectives on the sports world.

Students could also take up job roles in professional team management, marketing and promotions management, community management and corporate sponsorship.

There are numerous degree programmes you can study in Spain in order to get a job after graduation. All you need is to equip yourself with the right skills while strategically positioning yourself for the best offer. The more you upgrade your skills, the more money you will make. Therefore, do not stop learning. Be progressive and the sky will be your stepping stone.

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