Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Canada

Canada is ranked as one of the best countries of the world in terms of economical growth, improved healthcare facilities and excellent educational system. The job market in Canada is highly sophisticated and strong and this places the unemployment rate in the country on about 5.5% of its total population.

Working in Canada is quite rewarding and jobs are readily available in the country also employers of labor do not hesitate to recruit new graduates into their workforce. The unemployment rate in Canada is quite very low and this makes the country stand out as one of the most desired country to work and live around the world.

Many students take Canada as the best option for a study abroad destination because jobs are available once you are done worth school, the cost of living is also averagely low and obtaining the work permit as a foreigner do not pose too much stress when compared with other countries around the world.

Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Canada

All degrees in Canada are benefiting since jobs are readily available, but there are just some of these university degrees which are known to be more rewarding than others and also tops the list of employers in the workforce. Below, we have endeavored to enumerate the top 10 degrees which can get you your dream job in Canada.

  1. Engineering: this particular degree contains a lot of career fields that are embedded in one. Some of which are; chemical, civil, electrical, software, mechanical engineering, and so on. The engineering field is very broad and so the demand for graduates of this field is always very high. To get a job in Canada, you need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering fields you chose to take on as your career.
  2. Nursing: due to the increased population in Canada and its improvement in the healthcare facilities, the nursing degree is highly sought after. Most especially, during the pandemic when the world is currently been faced with increase mortality rates, nurses play a very vital role in helping to curb the spread of the disease. To work as a nurse practitioner in any of the healthcare facilities in Canada, you would need to obtain a degree in the nursing field and also get a lot of experience as a registered nurse.
  3. Medicine: this degree is very broad and would definitely not be out of the labor market anytime soon due to its ever increase in demand. Medicine encompasses different aspects and the most sought after is being a surgeon. To qualify to be a surgeon in Canada, there is a need to complete a compulsory 5-year residency program, an undergraduate and also a postgraduate medical degree is essential.
  4. Finance: a degree in finance allows on the ability to manage, plan and analyze the various financial aspects of a business or company. A finance degree in Canada allows you to work in a lot of fields such as; a bank manager, security analyst, market research analyst, mortgage broker, and so on.
  5. Pharmacology: this degree is specifically for those who want to study and achieve a career as a pharmacist. In order to thrive as a pharmacist in Canada, you need to be registered and granted a license of operation by completing an exam with the Pharmacy Examination Board in the country.
  6. Geoscience: this particular degree is also in high demand in Canada due to its increase in mineral and petroleum exploration in the mining industry.  The geoscience degree allows the holder to work in environmental consulting, development of urban projects, petroleum exploration and so on.
  7. Accounting: a degree in business administration and accounting is a very popular degree and the awareness of its importance to students has greatly increased. There is continuous job availability with accounting degree holders in Canada and this was stated by Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS).
  8. Management science: this degree is related to math and statistics and how to apply the theories to real business problems. a degree in management science opens a lot of career paths some of which include; marketing managers, administrative services, management and budget analysts and business analyst.
  9. Law: a law degree is also ever required and sought after in any country where there are rules and regulations needed to be obeyed. Lawyers are in charge of managing any legal documents, providing legal advice to their clients and carrying out other responsibilities of the law. Pursing a law degree in Canada is certainly a very good choice.
  10. Computer science: with the tremendous rise in the use of technology and improvements in electronic gadgets, studying computer science is not a bad choice. A computer science degree holder can work as an IT manager who is responsible for all the research and providing technology solutions to the business.

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to Work in Canada

A beautiful country like Canada is hard to look over without been enthusiastic and wanting to go there for a visit, study or work. With its high employment rate, it is little or no wonder, while Canada tops first in the work destination abroad. If you are considering moving to Canada to get a job and start your life there, below are some of the things you need to consider and get acquainted with before moving to the country.

  1. Canada is a big country: Canada is the second-largest country in the world in terms of size after Russia. The country is wide enough with so many places to explore and enjoy the country’s beautiful features and weather. If you are considering moving to Canada, you should check out its thirteen provinces and territories to make your choice of where to stay when you get to the country.
  2. Canada is multicultural: this is as a result of the many visitors coming into the country every year. Since Canada is friendly and accommodating, it allows foreigners from different parts of the world to come and showcase their culture in Canada without restrictions.
  3. No language difficulty: in Canada, there are two official languages of the country which include English language and French. So, if you are from an English-speaking country, you would definitely have no language problem while in the country and also French is recognized most especially, in Quebec which is in the eastern province.
  4. Good healthcare: in Canada, the government does not play with its healthcare facilities and this makes the country be the envy many other countries. Canada’s healthcare system is very developed and advanced with a lot of modern-day equipment so, you don’t have to worry about getting good medical attention once the need arises.
  5. Developed educational system: the educational system in Canada is top-notch and world-class with excellent higher education facilities, world-ranked institutions, and advanced methods of learning and this makes it stand out as a study destination for many foreign students.
  6. Canada is very cold: during winter, Canada can be extremely cold and this allows the natives of the country to love the ice hockey games. You need to brace yourself when you travel during the winter period because you might be attacked by the cold weather.
  7. High employment rate: Canada has a very low unemployment rate and this has endeared the country to many people from around the world. With a valid work permit, foreigners are permitted to work in the country and allowed to enjoy the benefits that come with the job.
  8. Affordable cost of living: Canada is a very affordable country to live and work in when compared to other parts of the world. There are different types of accommodation suitable for your pocket size and depending on your lifestyle and areas of the country you wish to live in, the general cost of living varies from one place to another.
  9. Canada is diverse: due to its increased population of immigrants each year, Canada tends to be a very diverse country with different lifestyles, cultures, and so on. Canada does not influence people’s lifestyle but the country allows people to make their choices of the living conditions suitable for them.
  10. Friendly locals: the Canadian people are quite welcoming and friendly to their visitors. They embrace many foreigners who come from different parts of the world into their country. There are beautiful landscapes and cuisines to try out and the locals are always willing to share and introduce many exciting things to their visitors.

Eligibility Criteria for a Work Permit in Canada

To be allowed to work in Canada as an immigrant, there are certain documents that must be provided upon request before immigration to hasten the process of been allowed into the country to work and live there. A list of some of the required documents includes but not limited to the following;

  • Completed visa application form
  • Medical certificate
  • Letter of invitation
  • Employment letter from the authorized company or organization
  • Duly stamped passport
  • Other travel documents
  • Proof of sufficient funds for travel

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Studying and working in Canada is a very big decision for anyone to make most especially when you are a foreigner, you need to adhere to the rules and obtain a valid work permit to be allowed to work in Canada. All degrees are quite important and jobs are readily available, but among all, medicine, engineering, and business-related degrees are ranked higher and they are extremely rewarded when compared to other degrees.

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