Scholarships in Ireland for International Students 2022/2023

Studying in Ireland comes with many challenges, as some students, especially those from low-income countries, find it difficult to meet their financial obligations. This article provides a comprehensive list scholarships in ireland for international students I’m looking for one I study abroad opportunity.

If you are passionate about fulfilling your long-held dream of studying in a European country as an international student, then preparing to study in the welcoming island of Ireland is your best bet. International students should note that the Irish government is committed to supporting international students in pursuing their educational careers. To increase the number of international students who choose the country, they offer a number of scholarships in ireland.

Some of the funding sources include the Irish government, top Irish universities and other popular international organizations. These funders award scholarships to international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, provided that the students meet the eligibility criteria for such scholarships.

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Ireland Scholarship Criteria for International Students

To receive a scholarship in Ireland as an international student, one must be able to meet some if not all of the eligibility criteria required for such an award. Although scholarship providers in Ireland may have their own specific requirements that must be met, the following are some of the basic requirements that an international student must meet:

  • Good academic qualifications: As an international student looking for scholarship offers in Ireland, you must have obtained good academic grades in your high school or undergraduate level if you are looking for a scholarship to enroll in an undergraduate and graduate program respectively. Funders are usually looking for bright and outstanding students who would make good use of the opportunity provided.
  • Possession of Volunteering Experiences: Some scholarship providers will require the prospective student to have some form of volunteer experience that demonstrates in some form the student’s ability to undertake work independently for the good of society without any monetary benefit.
  • English Language Proficiency: As an international student, you must demonstrate that you are proficient in the use of English which in most cases is the language you must use during your studies in Ireland. Demonstrating language proficiency will increase your chance of getting a scholarship as an international student.
  • Reference Letter: Having a good letter of recommendation from a referee is one of the selection criteria used by some scholarship providers to award scholarships. Recommendation letters from your teacher are like a testimony of one’s ability to handle and complete assignments as a student.

Lists of scholarships in Ireland for international students

  1. Irish Government Scholarships: There are several scholarships provided by the Irish government for international students. They include the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, the Government of Ireland Academic Mobility Scheme, the Government of Ireland Staff Scholarships to name a few.
  2. Central Bank of Ireland Scholarships: These scholarships are available for international students enrolling in an undergraduate degree program at any Irish higher education institution. The scholarship can provide up to $29,550 in funding options for students who are awarded the scholarship.
  3. Centenary Scholarship Program: Students from China, India, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, USA and Malaysia are often offered this scholarship. It provides one year tuition for students.
  4. The Walsh Scholarships: The fellowships are awarded to 30 young international graduates seeking research opportunities in Ireland. The scholarship provides up to €22,000 in grants each year to successful applicants.
  5. NUI Galway International Student Scholarships: These scholarships are available to deserving non-EU students enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Ireland. The program provides an amount of up to $18,300 for applicants.
  6. Trinity College Dublin Scholarships: Many scholarships are available for international students from selected countries applying to study at Trinity College Dublin. The value of the scholarship ranges from $5,700-$11,400 depending on the type of scholarship.
  7. University of Limerick Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities are available for outstanding international students admitted to the University’s postgraduate programme.

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Steps to apply for a scholarship in Ireland

As an international student, there are other steps that need to be taken to complete an application for a scholarship offer in Ireland. Most of the time, students do not pay attention to what they send as an application. You start by searching for the scholarship offer that meets your expectations and then prepare your application documents. Once you have all the required documents, you can proceed to the online application.

Candidates should note the following while completing their online application:

  • Prepare a concise and up-to-date CV
  • Prepare your scanned documents in the required format and size.
  • Make sure all your letters of recommendation are available and ready.
  • Please fill in all required information to avoid an incomplete application.
  • Make sure you write a well-crafted cover letter.

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