List of Top Government Scholarships 2023

There are numbers government funding opportunities for international students worldwide. List of Top Government Scholarships 2023 currently open and soon to be announced awarded to students worldwide. Many of the scholarships are awarded annually, while some may be one-time.

Education it can be so expensive when there are no supports from any part. To reduce the cost of education for the growing world population, governments around the world have made available various scholarships and funding programs to support education at all levels.

Study Green brings you the top list for 2023 Government funding opportunities currently in progress and those expected soon to help your study. Scholarships worth up to $124,000 are available for individual students.

List of Government Scholarships 2023

#1. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships for International Students

Applicable in Brunei Darussalam, the scholarship award provides applicants with the opportunity to undertake Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate Diploma in any of the selected higher education institutions in Brunei Darussalam.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, travel allowance, meal allowance, health insurance and a fully funded study experience in Brunei Darussalam

#two. Mauritius Government Scholarships for Africans

Open to students who are resident citizens of member states African Union or African Commonwealth countries, the Scholarship will support successful candidates in covering their tuition fees and contributing to their living expenses during their studies in Mauritius.

#3. Finnish Government Scholarships for Higher Education

Through the Common Application for Higher Education, Finnish higher education institutions offer a number of scholarship options for non-EU/EEA students who are required to pay tuition fees.

#4. Government of Italy Invest Your Talent in Italy Scholarship

Italian government through its various agencies it awards a number of scholarships for international students interested in pursuing higher education courses in Italy.

The Invest Your Talent in Italy program aims to increase cooperation between Italian Universities and companies in order to boost their level of internationalization. It also allows young foreign talents to acquire their expertise and start their work experience in Italian companies.

#5. UK Government Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships offer awards to outstanding students with great global leadership potential to study for a Master’s degree at any UK university. Chevening it’s the uk government scholarships and scholarships that enable future leaders to study in the UK while joining a global community of professionals creating positive impact around the world.

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#6. Romanian Government Scholarships for Foreign Citizens

The scholarship program offered by the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to foreign citizens, based on HG 288/1993. The scholarships are offered to foreign citizens from countries that are not members of the European Union, for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

#7. Irish Government International Scholarships for Education

In 2023, 60 scholarships will be awarded for one year of study at Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD level to successful applicants who have an offer of a place at an eligible Irish higher education institution.

#8. Australian Government RTP Scholarships

Funded by the Australian Government and worth up to $124,000, the Research Training Program Scholarships (RTPs) provide tuition reimbursement and a living expenses stipend to high-quality international postgraduate students.

#9. Croatian Government Scholarships for Christians from Developing Countries

The scholarship program is for both undergraduate and postgraduate level of study. Undergraduate studies at the university usually last three to four years.

#10. ARES Scholarship Programs of the Belgian Government

Belgium Government Scholarships for gentlemen and training courses offers you the opportunity to attend a one-year specialized postgraduate program or a 4 to 6-month advanced training program at a higher education institution in the Walloon-Brussels Federation, Belgium.

General Requirements for Applying for Government Scholarships

Many scholarships are usually awarded for academic excellence, but some are need-based scholarships. Whatever the category, you will usually need to provide supporting documents to include your academic records, visa eligibility, letters of recommendation, personal statements and any other documents that may be required by the scholarship organizers.

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