[Last Day] Eiffel Scholarships 2023-2024 by France Government – Campus France Scholarships

Subject Courses Offered On Eiffel Scholarship of Excellence

Another criterion for eligibility for Eiffel Scholarships Program is the selection of courses to study. International students seeking admission to Masters’s and Ph.D. programs are eligible for admission. These French Government scholarships program does not cover French Master’ Programs being offered in other countries. Professional training and training under apprenticeship are not covered under this program.

Courses offered under the Eiffel Scholarship of France

International students seeking admission to Master, Engineering, and Ph.D. programs can study at four different levels. These are law, economics and management, and engineering sciences. Engineering Sciences include Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, nanotechnology, biotechnology, Earth, Space, Environmental Sciences, and Information Sciences. Moreover, the students can also take admission to Political Science subject.

Eiffel Scholarship Sponsorship with French Government Scholarship:

There are many students who apply for both French Government Scholarships as well as Eiffel Scholarships. The students awarded French Government Scholarships stand disqualified for Eiffel Scholarships Program.

Can you apply for Eiffel Scholarship if previously you were rejected or did not meet the criteria?

Students once rejected cannot apply to Eiffel Scholarships Program even if the application is submitted through another establishment for another subject. Similarly, the students who complete their Master’s or Ph.D. under these scholarships are also not eligible. However, students passing the Master’s under this program can apply for Ph.D. under Eiffel Scholarships Program. It is up to the establishment to select any of the applicants for the Ph.D. program.

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