Lady, 23, graduated from US university with three degrees while breastfeeding her newborn twins, celebrates her achievement

Montoya Timaya Major, an extraordinary 23-year-old, successfully graduated from Nova Southeastern University in the United States with three degrees, all while single-handedly breastfeeding her newborn twins.

Montoya Timaya, who shared her story on Facebook, admitted that she has faced many challenges on her own, including a C-section to deliver her twins. Despite this, he has managed to obtain a second degree in Cardiovascular Ultrasound as well as a Masters in Health Science.

“Our program started with 26 people and now I’m 1 of 17 to graduate.” Montoya recounted, adding that she found out she was pregnant five months after starting her graduate program.
She reported that when she found out she was pregnant with twins, program directors suggested she take time off and come back the following year, as it would be very difficult to complete the program with one baby, while with two babies it would be nearly impossible.

She confessed that she never missed class until she gave birth. Her determination was so great that she only returned to class a week after giving birth by caesarean section after being told she missed a week of classes which was unacceptable.

Montoya stated that taking care of her children caused her grades to drop severely, which caused her to suffer from anxiety. “I was so afraid of failing and losing everything, especially my children.” he said. He added that he had considered quitting. However, not wanting to let her children down kept her going.

She cited her father as her inspiration. “My dad ultimately inspired me to get all the degrees I have earned. Growing up with a single father, after my mother passed away, my dad always instilled the importance of education.” she explained. She talked about how her dad always supported her and motivated her as much as he could to get degrees in the field she loved.

She also expressed her gratitude to God for seeing her through her difficult academic journey. “I asked God many times why I was going through so many trials and tribulations, why my life was so complicated, and why everywhere I turned there was something else actively trying to stop me. But he had a plan for me, and we did it! I persisted, I finished,” he said.

She went on to admit that her two daughters gave her the determination she needed to move on. She also expressed her gratitude to her father and friends who provided her with moral support when she was at her lowest.

“Two years, two kids and TWO degrees later. By the grace of God… we didn’t just do it, we DID IT!!!! I am getting my second degree in Cardiovascular Ultrasound and a Masters in Health Science,” he added.

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