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Japan Government JET Program 2023 for Foreign Graduates


    Japan Government JET Program for Foreign Graduates is now open for the 2021/2022 application round. Interested candidates can avail the opportunity to work with the government of Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program open to new graduates worldwide.

    Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of Japan and those of other nations. The program aims to strengthen foreign language education and promote international exchanges at the local level by strengthening ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth.

    Program Sponsors: government of Japan

    Program location: Japan

    Program duration: One year

    Basic Qualification: Graduate qualifications

    nationality: All nationalities

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    Japan Government JET Program | overview

    The Japan Teaching and Exchange Program began in 1987 with the cooperation of the governments of the participating countries. In 2019, the Program had 5,761 participants from 57 countries.

    The objectives of the Program are achieved by offering JET Program participants the opportunity to serve in local authorities as well as in public and private elementary, middle and high schools in Japan.


    The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program is implemented by local authorities and other organizations that nominate Participants in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Communications (MIC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) , and the Council of Local Authorities on International Relations (CLAIR).

    Positions and duties available:

    Participants are engaged in language teaching. ALTs are primarily placed in local boards of education, elementary, middle, and high schools. Some of the positions include;

    (1) Help with foreign language courses, etc. taught in primary, middle and high schools.
    (2) Assistance in foreign language activities, etc. in elementary schools.
    (3) Assistance in preparing materials for teaching a foreign language.
    (4) Assistance in language training for foreign language teachers, etc.
    (5) Cooperation in extracurricular and club activities (see Note 1).
    (6) Providing information on language and other related topics for people such as teacher advisors and language teachers (eg word usage, pronunciation, etc.).
    (7) Cooperation in foreign language competitions.
    (8) Cooperation in local international exchange activities.
    (9) Other duties required by the superintendent or school principal.

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    Application Procedures

    How to apply: Application procedures and requirements vary slightly depending on the applicant’s country, see JET Program Brochure or the Japanese embassy in your country for specific application requirements and instructions

    Application Deadline: Varies

    Visit the Official Website for more details