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Graduate Survival Toolkit for outgoing 2022 finalists


    This week we focus on equipping you with career support as you prepare to leave Warwick. These will come in handy if you have not yet settled on a postgraduate thesis or further study offer. It may reassure you that many finalists have not yet made plans.

    You may have postponed applications and decisions about your future to focus on your studies. As a finalist reaching the end of an intense final period of study and examination, your ability to navigate the most difficult period in recent history should be recognized and admired. Congratulations on getting here!

    It’s never too late to access Warwick career support and resources! Warwick Alumni can continue to access almost all of our career resources once you leave Uni. Practical resources to support you in planning your career – whatever stage you are at.

    1. knowing yourself and why this is so important when exploring possible career ideas
    2. Explore the options What can you do with your degree?
    3. Create a career plan Concentrate
    4. Make secure, effective applications took action
    5. Starting your first job support before and while making the transition from student to employee
    6. Frequently asked questions about career top career questions students ask

    Once you have officially graduated, go to ours alumni website and sign up for access to bookable events – including Career Reports, Sector Events and Recruitment Presentations. You can continue to make 1-1 appointments with Careers staff for 2 years after graduation.

    Look for jobs from hiring partners specifically targeting Warwick alumni My Advantage

    You can continue to access the internship assessment center resources through The graduates are first

    Take advantage of our excellent resources for interviewing skills through eCareersGrad

    Participation Warwick LinkedIn alumni team and network with those who have been before you. Seek discipline to see what other Historians or Philosophy graduates are doing now. Find out in which industries and companies the graduates work and connect with those who work for these organizations. Many Warwick alumni will be happy to try to help recent Warwick alumni.

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    Get access to our many useful video clips through our careers Youtube Channel

    See the benefits of participating in Warwick Alumni Community for access to electronic journals and publications and participation in online seminars / events.

    Tuesday 28ου June Summer Careers Fair

    This year’s summer exhibition Summer Fair see his return personally careers fair on campus. Last chance this year to meet with hiring managers who are still looking to hire outgoing Finalists.


    Make the most of your career support and resources. Maximize your chances of securing a master’s thesis or further study offer.

    Good luck with your future. There are many jobs for graduates out there. Whatever you do next, remember that you are unique and amazing. Career is about exploration, not destination. Focus on getting started instead of finding the perfect job. Many graduates tell us when they return to share their career stories that they had no idea, 2 or 3 years after graduation, that they would do the job they found themselves in. You will probably have several career changes over the years, so stay curious, flexible and open to opportunities and enjoy the journey.

    There is no such thing as a career, it’s crazy paving and you have to pave it yourself. » Sir Dominic Cantbury