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fully funded scholarships in usa for international students 2022 The most famous walls in the world


    Next November 9 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The disappearance of the iron curtain was one of the most important historical events of the century and paved the way for the reunification of East and West Germany, after more than 40 years of division.

    From the Berlin Wall to the Belfast Wall, Skyscanner shows you the longest, tallest and stickiest walls in the world.

    Berlin Wall, Germany
    Built in 1961, the wall runs for 187km, encircling West Berlin and separating it from East Berlin. Berliners will celebrate this anniversary with the Freedom Festival, in which 2.5m-high dominoes will fall, one after another, along the old path of the wall, symbolizing its destruction. Find cheap flights to Berlin

    Great wall of china
    Surely the most famous wall in the world, this monstrous construction is visible from space and runs for 9,000km through the north of the country. It was originally built to protect the Chinese empire from the nomadic raiders of the Xiongu tribe. Parts of the wall collapsed, but huge sections have been preserved, making it one of the country’s most iconic attractions. Find cheap flights to Beijing.

    Hadrian’s Wall, England
    This 117km long stone and mud fortification was built by the Roman Empire, from coast to coast of northern England, in an attempt to keep barbarians out of their territory. Today it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, practically its entire route is in good condition and the path that runs alongside it is very popular with hikers. Find cheap flights to the UK

    The Peace Line, Belfast (Northern Ireland)
    A series of barriers and walls were erected to separate Catholic from Protestant neighborhoods in Belfast. Made of iron and steel, it rises 6 meters above the ground and runs for several kilometers, along which there are intervals of gates for the passage of people. Parts of the fence have been transformed into tourist spots, but the future of the wall is still under discussion and its demolition is still a hot item on the country’s political agenda. Find cheap flights to Belfast

    Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
    Another of the most emblematic and well-known walls in the world, it is hidden in some sections by other buildings built along its route. Still, the 57 meters in view is an extremely important monument and is the largest place of pilgrimage for Jews from all over the world. Its importance lies in the fact that the Wailing Wall is the only relic of the Holy Temple and the most accessible and closest place to this symbolic place for Judaism. Find cheap flights to Tel Aviv


    The Gaza Strip, Israel
    Today the most controversial barrier in the world. The Gaza strip is a network of fences, trenches and cement walls up to 8 meters high, which is still under construction by the Israeli government, and which separates the populations of this country from the Palestinians in the western part of the country. The fence is a constant source of dispute and discomfort between these two conflicting peoples. Find cheap flights to Tel Aviv

    The walls of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey
    This series of defensive stone walls were built to surround the ancient city of Constantinople (now Istanbul). The gates of the wall are imposing constructions in the style of medieval castles and protected the city from attacks, both by sea and by land. The walls proved their usefulness and saved the city from the Byzantine empire during several attacks, although they could not resist the arrival of gunpowder. Find cheap flights to Istanbul

    Western Sahara fence
    The Sahara fence, made of sand and stone, began to be built in 1980 and runs for 2,700km, along Western Sahara, south of Morocco. It was designed to separate the areas guarded by the Moroccan army from those controlled by the Polisario front. Most of it runs through uninhabited territory and is dotted with fences, mines, and artillery posts. The fence has created a dispute that has lasted more than 20 years. Find cheap flights to Marrakech

    Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia
    The stone walls that border the city-state of Dubrovnik have protected it from attack since the 7th century, and are considered one of the greatest fortification systems of the medieval period. It was never conquered by a hostile army. The old city of Dubovnik is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site and most of the wall has been preserved and restored, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in the country. Find cheap flights to Dubrovnik

    The wall of gum, Seattle (USA)
    Not all walls divide people, some keep them together. Seattle’s gum wall was once a normal billboard, but the tradition of sticking gum, started by people lining up to enter a nearby theater, began its transformation. Now it is covered in a layer of chewing gum that exceeds 10 centimeters and it is one of the landmarks of the city, even serving as a decoration for the wedding photos of the most sticky couples. Find cheap flights to Seattle