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fully funded scholarships in usa for international students 2022 Ecological holidays in the 10 greenest countries in the world


    1. Switzerland

    Considering that the country is made up of mountains and lakes, it is no surprise that it is ranked number one in The Economist. If you want to experience the alpine beauty of Switzerland, try the Whitepod Village – a collection of small cabins hidden among the Swiss mountains.

    2. Norway
    ‘Powered by nature’ is the official slogan of the Norwegian Ministry of Tourism, and if you take a trip through the Fjords you will understand why. Steep, endless hills drop into dark blue fjords, while waterfalls adorn the rocky walls, creating a landscape of great beauty. The best way to experience Norway’s nature, with minimal impact, is without a doubt on foot. Bergen is an ideal base to start exploring the region. You can also get to know it by train, with routes that zigzag between the fjords and mountains.

    3. Sweden
    The northern lights, white sand beaches, wild mountains, glaciers, alpine valleys, forests, lakes and an array of 24,000 small islands and islets. Sweden was the second country in the world to introduce charter trips for ecotourists, and they also created the first ecological brand, which ensures the quality of about 180 packages and activities, managed by 80 tour operators around the world. Is it green enough for us?

    4. Finland
    Lapland is one of the few truly pristine regions in Europe. Immense areas of forests and lakes, where visitors can enjoy the midnight sun, a natural movie setting in which to share vacation days with the brown bear and the lynx. It is a paradise for campers, walkers and cyclists. Finland is undoubtedly a great getaway for nature lovers.

    5.Costa Rican
    This Central American country is called ‘the most natural conservation area in the world’ since almost a third of its territory has been protected, creating a network of ecological refuges, biological reserves and national parks. Costa Rica offers a diverse sample of ecosystems and activities: walk through a tropical forest over a million years old, climb volcanoes, raft down some of the wildest rivers in the world and observe an exuberant and spectacular animal paradise, which includes jaguars. , reptiles and hundreds of multicolored birds.


    6. Austrian
    If you are looking to learn something new while enjoying your vacation, how about you visit Kalchkendlalm , the most rustic school in the country, in the middle of a valley where cows graze, with views of snowy mountains, little houses on the horizon , lush forests and hills. A vacation in the purest Heidi style. You can enroll in the ‘butter and bread’ class, or learn to recognize the different types of grain, make flour and use a wood-fired oven. Visitors can bake their bread and, while it’s baking, milk a cow and make butter!

    7. New Zealand
    Ever since Frodo and Gandalf introduced us to Middle-earth, New Zealand’s wide open spaces, its endless wild landscapes, heart-stopping beaches, and geothermal and volcanic activity have captured the world’s imagination. Join a kayak tour in Abel Tasman National Park , a spectacular stretch of coastline between Marahau and Takaka, to explore the park’s bays, beaches and headlands. There are plenty of camping areas where you can park your canoe on shore, pitch your tent, and prepare for a starry night in Middle-earth.

    8. Latvia
    Visit a farm where you can try techniques to produce organic food and buy fresh and healthy food that you will not be able to find in supermarkets in your city. There are many types to choose from: cattle farms, mushroom farms, fish farms, flower farms, and craft centers. Visitors sleep in wooden cabins and enjoy other activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, or hiking trails. More information about green travel in Lithuania.

    9. Columbia
    It may be a surprising entry into the Top 10 destinations, but it turns out that the South American country has a wide range of options for ‘green’ travelers. Simply diving in its coral reef, the third largest in the world, is already worth a visit, but if we intersperse it with a route through snow-capped peaks that exceed 5,000 meters of altitude, to relax immediately afterwards in the thermal waters of one of its natural hot pools, we are already talking about a trip not to forget. We cannot leave without making a stop in the coffee region, to visit the most important export of the country, on horseback or by bicycle.

    10. France
    The new fashion of ‘glamping’ (mixture of glamor and camping), is certainly in full swing in France Canvas Chic, with 14 ‘yurts’, like those used by Mongolian nomads in the Central Asian plains, are the latest. These handcrafted oak and ash cabins have changed the face of camping and made it incredibly more luxurious than your typical igloo for two. Based on original designs from traditional Central Asian huts, each yurt is equipped with a double bed, tastefully decorated décor, and a private porch. All this in the middle of a magnificent forest in the nature reserve of the Ardèche River Gorge.