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Fully funded programs in Australia that do not require IELTS


    Australia has become a favorite study destination for international students due to its many advantages which include quality education, safe environment, warm weather conditions, affordable education and above all, fully funded scholarship programs provided by both Australian Government and private institutions. This country, which is located also doubles as a continent located between Pacific and Indian Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere, it is known for its beautiful culture and warm welcome to foreigners over the years.

    An interesting development for international students is that many institutions in Australia have waived IELTS requirements to provide relief for students who prefer not to take this route. However, this waiver may require the student to provide some other proof of English language proficiency. Here we discuss a few Fully funded programs in Australia that do not require IELTS.

    Standard Coverage for Australia Scholarships

    We refer to Fully Funded Programs scholarship programs and/or other funding programs that cover all costs for the beneficiaries to complete the programs for which it is funded. Typical funding programs offered by the Australian Government and universities provide valuable academic cover to its eligible applicants, which may include

    • monthly stipends
    • Health Insurance
    • travel costs
    • grants
    • Tuition waiver
    • Study visa fee coverage
    • Free membership in a sports club etc.

    While others may think it’s impossible to study in Australia without IELTS, especially when it’s on a scholarship, we’ve outlined a number of programs that accept some form of waivers. These programs accept waiver, such as applicant submitting degree certificates that lasted up to three years, students from mother countries do not need to prove English language proficiency

    Cost of living in Australia

    Statistics have shown that the cost of studying and obtaining a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in Australia is between AUD 15,000 – AUD 40,000 per year, which is really expensive. However, it is estimated that the cost of living in Australia is around an average of AUD 21,000 per year. This cost, however, depends entirely on your personal choices, but basically includes transportation, food costs, travel and entertainment. The good thing is that there are scholarships you can earn to cover all these expenses and you study in Australia for free even without the annoying IELTS exams.

    Some prominent Fully Funded Programs in Australia that do not require IELTS

    Australia Awards Scholarships

    The Australia Awards Scholarship Scheme it is administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and aims to contribute to the development needs of Australia’s partner countries in accordance with regional agreements. This scholarship is open to applicants from developing countries. However, applicants will need to leave Australia after completing their degrees which is part of the requirements. It has been confirmed that certain sets of applicants can be exempted from applying for this scholarship without IELTS, especially depending on their previous exposure to the language and how they can prove it.


    Australian Government Research Training Program

    The Australian Government Research Training Program research awards scholarships in the form of scholarships to both domestic and international students to study in Australia. Students interested in pursuing their research programs in Australia can take this opportunity to apply for scholarships through the Research Training Program. This scholarship is usually awarded in conjunction with other funding programs to be fully funded.

    Australian summer internship without IELTS

    Summer internships in Australia are open to seniors, recent graduates and international students. These internship opportunities do not require IELTS and are fully funded by multinational Australian companies and this is primarily for international students with a strong interest in international business, marketing, public relations and communications.

    Benefits include:

    • It is a great way for interns to gain international experience
    • The experience will benefit you and help you stand out from other job applicants
    • Internship opportunities in Australian companies also increase your chances of starting your career in Australia after graduation
    • It exposes you to hands-on experiences, along with skills like meeting challenges, teamwork and work ethic

    These internship programs are open to all eligible candidates both locally and internationally.

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