Earn your degree online – A Complete Guide

Introduction – Study Online

The choice of earning degrees through an online program has been made by more and more students in recent times. More variation has been seen as to the options for how and where to study as more traditional schools add online programs to their repertoires.

For those who want to obtain a degree, but have issues with having the time or money, our recommendation is online study. There are a lot of online programs for one to choose from at any of the levels –bachelor/undergraduate, master’s, or PhD.

Online Program Search: If you are interested in an online program, you have limitless options available to you. What’s left for you to do is to search for online programs and choose the one that best suits your need.

Let us guide you with this article.

But first,

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to Consider Before Studying Online

The past years have seen online degree programs witness a drastic growth in popularity, and the structure of these courses has continually grown and evolved as the evolution of technology takes place.

Now, prospective students who may not be
able to access higher education otherwise have resorted to online degrees which
happen to be accessible and affordable. Without one ever leaving his/her home
country, he/she can now earn a degree from countries around the globe.

Online programs have their advantages and disadvantages just as any educational program does have pros and cons.

None the less, the take of online
programs being a right fit or not despite its pros and cons, has individualistic

So, one is to take on a careful thought about the type of educational experience that he/she wants, as well as the things that are of utmost importance to him/her, before the deciding on whether or not to go in pursuit of an online degree.

Below are a few things to put into
consideration before taking up an online study. Ensure that your options are
weighed carefully in the determination of whether or whether not this is the
best path for you.


Though rare, students may be required to
be online at a specific time for a class or interaction in some courses with an
instructor, but this is rare. Mostly, online courses allow one to log into the
course material whenever it suits his/her schedule. As is known, deadlines are
attached tohomework and other assignments but one is allowed to balance school
with his/her other responsibilities due tothe flexible schedule provided by
online course. These other responsibilities may include work or family life.


Annually, the number of online schools
in existence have experienced increment. This insinuates one can search around
for a best fitting program for him/her, whether in any of the levels,
associate, bachelor, master, certificate, or even doctorate. The number of
traditional institutions that now offer online programs have been on the
increase one is left to choose a program among many options that exist.


Less expense is affiliated to tuition
for online program than is the case in-person programs. If one possibly gets a
lower tuition cost for in-person programs, added to it is the money to be saved
on room, board, or commuting costs.

to course materials

Students taking traditional on-campus
courses have to rely on their notes for class lectures to be remembered. Online
courses grant you access to written or video lectures whenever they are needed,
allowing much ease for studying.


Because of the existence of online
schools across the globe, classes can be taken from a different state or
country without one having to leave home. Commonly, the only requirement to
taking online course is internet access hence, it can be taken from anywhere.


For in-person programs, both time and
money is spent to and from campus which bis not the case with online programs
in that it allows one to spend more time studying, doing homework, or giving
attention to your work and family responsibilities.


Online programs may give one the ability
to bring a degree to completion in less time than it might take you in a
traditional program. With this, one gets into the workforce much sooner and I
trust that you will like that!

your writing and communication skills

In that all of the interactions for an
online program takes place online, clarity of communication is of much
importance. Since the primary basis on which judgement will be made is on your
writing, one will learn to put in best work and clearly articulate meanings.

of options

Online program suits every field of
study hence one will find whatever field of interest in online programs. There
is basically no limit to the variety of online programs that exist.

instructor/student interaction

One you may still find it difficult to
engage with instructors may hold digital “office hours”. A few hours may be
taken to get a response to a question, or an issue may have additional back and
forth discussion on an it. Most online professors are hands off in a fair
manner so difficulty exists in getting extra help or one-on-one interaction. It
is usually harderdevelop mentoring and networking relationships with your
professors but it doesn’t inevitably mean that this cannot be done.


One of the cons of online schools is
that it does not offer the peer-to-peer interaction, like clubs, sporting
events and social gatherings, that is offered in traditional schools. Chat
rooms and online hangouts may exist alongside a discussion area where students
are required to discuss about specific questions in relation to the course, but
there’s more difficulty in forming meaningful bonds in online programs.


Online learning experience may be
inhibited by the requirements of technology in thateveryone does not have a
computer in their home, or their computer may not be equipped with the latest
technology. Most online programs will post the recommended (or required)
technology needed to take their most online courses is posted by the online
programs. By way of addition, if one is frequently dealing with computer or
internet problem, he/she may be unable to complete assignments or exams as and
at when due.


Many students enjoy extracurricular
activities or clubs but this is not offered in online schools. On-campus
experience is usually the desire students who are coming straight from high
school but they are denied this opportunity by online programs.


Online courses might be challenging for
those that have a habit of procrastination. There’sthis necessary push that
some students need to get their work done but may not be offered by online
programs though it provides flexible schedule.


It may be slightly A slight more
difficulty may be experienced intransferring online course credits to a
traditional school. However, hurdles can always be posed by transferring
credits from one institution to another. As many credits as possible will
transfer over inspeaking with an academic advisor during the class selection


Acceptance is not given to all forms of
financial aid by all online schools. Hence, if one needs financial aid to
assist in paying for tuition, a careful research before sending out the applications
will be required of such a person.


Significant Improvement have been
reckoned with over the past few years with regards to the reputation of online
education, particularly as more and more traditional schools have started
offering online degrees. However, the reputation of online schools has been
misconceived in some cases, to be less reputable than traditional school. We
recommend that research is made on the reputation of the institution one is
considering to apply for.

an Online Program

Just as it is for any other college decision, a lot is to be considered when choosing an online degree program. This process can be an overwhelming because so many online degree programs are available. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of tips and considerations to help you make your decision as painless as possible.

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an Online Program to Meet Your Needs

about your desired career

In other make a perfect choice of your
online program, passions and interests are the first step to choosing the right
program. The knowledge of what subject you want to study or what career you
want to pursue will be of help in narrowing down your list of program

The questions you should ask yourself
should border around the subjects you most enjoyed in high school or recent
pursuits in your higher education, the hobbies you find happiness engaging in.

your research

The creation of a shortlist of potential
colleges and universities is the next to be done after the decision of what to
study. Only certain online courses are offered by some institutions while you
may be required by others to make a trip to campus at the beginning and/or end
of the programs hence the degree requirements of each college under
consideration has to be given a close check in order to determine which degree
requirements can be met online from the institution of your choice, and which
ones can’t.

When searching for a college or
university, the questions you should compulsorily have answered by your
findings about the online school are discussed below…

questions should be on:

•        What
studentships support services do you offer, if any

This borders around resources that are
accessible to the international student.

•        The
kind of technical support available to online students, if any

Though technology is great, it is not
always reliable hence students should make sure that any program that are
applying for offers technical assistance in case one has the challenge of
posting an assignment or assessing a course.

•        The
financial aids available, if any

You are to find out whether three are
opportunities offered by the online school or whether there are opportunities
open to its students to get aids financially. This is expedient because there
are a lot of things to cater for with finance while pursuing an online degree.

Difference between Full Online and Partial Online Programs

The decision of whether you prefer a
fully online program or a partial, or “blended” program will also have to be
made when choosing an online program. Full online programs are offered entirely
online while blended programs are delivered partly online and partly on campus.
A number of advantages is offered by these programs. The suggestion of research
is that the combination of the strengths of traditional education and online
education makes up a blended program. According to a study published by the
Department of Education in 2010, it was deduced that blended learning
approaches are often more efficient than traditional classes, and that the
elements they offer aren’t found in 100% online or face-to-face courses.

In addition, the chance to interact
face-to-face and network with each other is offered by blended programs to
students. Some of the social experience of education may have to be sacrificed
by students undergoing a fully online program but via blended programs,
students are allowed to meet and connect with themselves both online and off,
bringing about stronger professional networks.

Still, blended programs are restricted
from some students, especially those trying to obtain a degree from a different
country which happens to be there home country. Traditional college students
find this program more popular while most nontraditional student tend to go in
pursuit of fully online courses because it is more flexible. This has
particular importance for students who are balancing their education with their
work or family life. It is needed of a student in a blended course to know when
he/she is expected to be on campus hence, such a student is required to plan
ahead and be prepared. Such a student also needs to know the consequences to
expect in the case of a missed face-to-face class, and whether the offer of
alternatives is allowed.


The type of degree one wishes to pursue
is one of the most important considerations that will help in choosing a
program. For instance, one who is in pursuit of a master’s degree in marketing
and communications, will only want to take a look at online schools that have
been known to offer great programs in that field. How respected the program you
are in pursuit of is in your prospective career field is another consideration
that is of much importance. Talking to professionals who are already working in
your desired field is one of the best ways to have this determined.  They are to be asked what they their thought
is about the schools you’re putting into consideration. This is aimed at
getting an advice from them on which program they think will be most helpful
for the actualization of your goals.


In choosing an online degree, the
quality of the program itself is one of the most important factors to be
considered. Despite the existence of many great online degree programs, one
needs to be careful of scams. We present to you, few ways to see to the
determination of the quality of the programs you are considering to opt for.
They include:

•        Considering
the length of existence of the institution. Many buildings of colleges and
universities that have been in existence for decades now offer online degree
programs. Choosing to get your degree through one of these programs, already
gives you the assurance of the quality of the program.

•        The
relationships and partnerships within the educational community is to be
considered for schools that haven’t spent too long a time with regards to its
date of establishment, other institutions, employers, and alumni. As is known,
a lot can be told about a program by the partnerships it maintains, the success
of its students as well as its satisfaction rates.

•        The
final consideration to be made is on finding out whether the program scaled
through during its accreditation process. The approval of a school by an
independent system of accountability and quality control entails that it is
accredited hence is recognized as a legitimate institution. This is relevant,
as a degree from an accredited school is looked upon with more respect by
employers. The following is to be found out when looking into a school: if they
are accredited, the kind of accreditation they have, and which agency (or
agencies) they are accredited by.

to Expect from an Online Program

This discusses what a student is to
expect in the bid of acquiring online degree. This section discusses the

•        How much it will cost you to bag an
online degree

•        The
length of time that you will spend/ a stipulated duration to complete an online

•        What
the series of classes one is to have will be like

We’ve got the answers to the questions
you might have from this section discussed in the following,

•        Costs

•        Time

•        Class
and Program Structure

•        Available


A traditional college tuition is
significantly higher compared to the tuition for an online degree program. In
addition, since an online degree doesn’t need you to leave your home country,
some of the costs associated with room and board, as well as transportation can
be avoided. A careful research of each program and awareness of any extra fees
charged by the school is mandatorily required of you because costs vary from
program to program.

Some online programs still require students to travel to campus on several occasions hence you should be aware of that. The number of times is not specific hence there is need to factor the cost of travel into your budget.

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There’s variation from person to person
in the time that it takes to complete an online degree. The average time it
takes for the completion of an online bachelor / undergraduate degree according
to Top Degrees Online is 52 months. This duration does not significantly differ
from the amount of time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree from a traditional

Accelerated pacing is offered by some
programs. This speeds up the time it takes one to earn an online degree. This
pacing is not dependent on one’s ability to take classes full time and with few
breaks between terms. If you are taking care of a family or working full-time,
you may not have the ability to maintain that pace. Still, your time may be
saved the through the flexibility of an online degree, such as travel.

and Program Structure

The coursework for most online programs
is the same but the structure of classes is generally quite different. The
structure of most programs is such that students can work at their own pace,
but at there own convenient time. The online classes are structured around the
following elements which include instruction, assignments, and student

The kind of student-instructor
interaction that one has for an online program is not same with  a traditional school. Am online degree
student will have the ability to access recorded lectures and notes at any
time, with no prior schedule.

An online student receives his/her
assignments either through email or through an online course management system
such as Blackboard or Canvas. Completed assignments are sent to instructors via
email, or assignments are just uploaded directly to the course management

The level of interaction with other
students is not same as is seen in a traditional program, though a means of
communication does exist. Taking part in group projects, and interacting with
other students via chat rooms and other student forums may be required of
online students. Communication can still occur through online group mailboxes
or message boards.


There will be variation between programs
with regards to the assistance you are bound to receive. Since you are
completely reliant on your technology, you should ensure that the online degree
you are opting for offers technical assistance.

One of the important considerations here
is whether an academic advisor will be made available to you, who can help have
your schedule built. This task might be a hard nut to crack for online students
because of the variation in the number of credits they’re required to take that
may occur from semester to semester. The requirements will be known to the
academic advisor who despite the distance, can help keep you on track. Career
services may also be offered by your program, which can help you find a job
following your graduation from an online school.

The choice of the pursuit of an online
degree can be baffling, but the right program will aid to ease you through the
process, and ensure that your college experience is just as (or more) rewarding
as it would be when in a traditional the college or university of your choice.

to an Online Program

The application to an online program can
seem discouraging, and places a requirement for much time and effort as
applying to a in-present school. Some of the tips that will help you kick off
on the process of applying to an online degree program.

There’s variation in program application
deadlines from one institution to the next, however, applicants choice of  programs will make the application deadline
available on their website. You are to take note of these deadlines, and have
your timeline planned in accordance to it. Writing the deadlines in a calendar
and creating an alert on your phone can be of help to you.

  • How
    to Apply for an Online program

The application process for an online
degree program is much similar to brick and mortar school program. The
completion of the application along with any supplemental test scores, et
cetera is required.  Check the
application process for each of the programs you are applying to and make
careful note of each of the requirements.

As an avenue to have an exceptional
application in comparison to that of other applicants, we advise that you
highlight your work experience. Explanation of the benefit you will bring to
the program, and how you will be allowed by the program to see to the
continuation of your career success. The boards in charge of admission is after
knowing that you are prepared for the application of what you learn in the
classroom to your work life.

An interview may be required of some of
the programs you’re applying. The interview is likely to take place via an
online video chat service. This is the stage at which your interviewer gets to
know stuff you are made up of. You may be asked questions on your interest in
studying online, and the plan on how to balance your schoolwork with the
responsibilities you have to attend to daily.

Requirements and Fees for online program.

Most degree programs both online and
off, require an application fee to cater for the cost of postage, processing,
and the review of admissions forms, added to the transcripts, essays, etc. of
most degree programs. These fees vary between programs and are non-refundable.
You are to ensure that you’re aware of the application cost before the
beginning of the process.

The range of application fees is from
$30 to $60, while the fees charged by selective schools may be as much as $90.

Applying to degree programs can be
daunting, but with careful planning and time management, one can get through

an Online Degree Level


Online associate degrees commonly can be
brought to completion in two years and are available for a variety of programs.
In the job market, graduates of an associate degree program have higher
opportunity of being hired, with special cases in technical and vocational
fields, in comparison with those with only a high school diploma or GED. This
degree program is a solid stepping stone for those who are on the outlook for
the continuation on to more advanced degrees.

The kind of student-instructor
interaction that one has for an online program is not same with  a traditional school. Am online degree
student will have the ability to access recorded lectures and notes at any
time, with no prior schedule.

An online student receives his/her
assignments either through email or through an online course management system
such as Blackboard or Canvas. Completed assignments are sent to instructors via
email, or assignments are just uploaded directly to the course management

The level of interaction with other
students is not same as is seen in a traditional program, though a means of
communication does exist. Taking part in group projects, and interacting with
other students via chat rooms and other student forums may be required of
online students. Communication can still occur through online group mailboxes
or message boards.


The completion of degree programs for
the Bachelor levelcan occur online in four years. The availability of Bachelor’sonline
programs can be seen in almost any area of study one’s imagination can get to,
for popular and non-popular courses Graduates of this degree program will find
themselves having the qualification for a wide-range of jobs, and may carry on
the advancement of their studies by hoping for the pursuit of a master’s


This program is a valuable option to
students who hope to opt in for the pursuit of education for the graduate level.
The completion of an online Master’s degree programcan commonly take place in
two yearsand can be accessed online in most subjects designed to allow students
to continue working while completing their studies. Online master’s degrees
typically take two years to complete, and are available online in most


One of the ultimate ways to be termed excellent
in a field is by obtaining doctoral degree and there are a variety of online
doctorates that can be accessed by you. There’s no stipulated time required for
the completion of these degrees as variation does exist, and there’s the
availability of many degrees at a reasonable rate from highly recommended
institutions. A wide variety of subject areas that prospective doctoral
students can explore include: computer science ,business , psychology , and a
wide variety of other subject areas.


Both graduate and undergraduate students
have certificates available for them online. Online certificates can substitute
for a degree, or as a qualification known as standalone. There are About 5,000
online certificate programs are available to be chosen from. Many of these online
certificate programslead to job opportunities asoccupational therapy assistants
,physical therapy assistants, dental assistants, and veterinary technicians.

Areas of Online Study


The aim of online business degree
programs is to see to thedevelopment of an overall analytic, writing, and
project management skills as well as an understanding of how organizations function.
There are online programs for those  who
haveinterest inaccounting to choose from. This is the case at all degree levels
as one may be qualified for hiring after graduation as either an auditor, an accountant.For
those in search of an online business degree, another a popular area of particularity
is finance. Fully online finance degrees as offered by schools, being a
potential route to careers in financial management, budget analysis, and
financial advising. Students with thehope of going afterthepursuit of business
careers in relation to management or administration might have interest in
learning more about onlinehuman resources or management degrees.


For those who have interest in the
pursuit of a career related to any of these or the three,  law enforcement, the correctional system, the courts,
an online degree in criminal justice, or subjects related to it in one way or
the other such as forensics, corrections, and criminology may be of interest too.
One can learn about crime from a social perspective with an online degree in
criminology, of which there are multiple levels exist, even an online doctorate.
Also, one can take a frontline approach to dealing with crime by studying law
enforcement online, and preparing for career in the police force or police
administration. Those who haveinterest in the cracking of cases might be interest
in the exploration of available online options for degrees in crime scene
investigation or forensic.

& Design

This is open to those searching for a
creative degree in art & design related areas. A popular route for online
art & design students is graphics design degrees, with the availability of online
graphic design degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and certificate
levels. A number of fine arts degrees is also availableas well as degrees in
music and film production for prospective online art students.


If you have passion for teaching, thepursuit of an online education degree will equip you will the capacities necessary to make a difference in the lives of others through education. There’s the full availability of education degrees online, from which degrees restricted to a variety of particularities that is large in scope will befound by students.

With elementary education degrees, early childhood education degrees, online degrees in curriculum and instruction, online degrees inadministration and leadership , higher education degrees, reading and literacy online degrees, andonline degrees in special education to choose from, the selection of an online degree program in education shouldn’t make them loose sight or focus of their career goals.

There are also the availability of online degree options at every level, from associate to doctoral. The pursuit of a degree in online education will help studentsto have their dreams their dreams of becoming teachers, principals, higher education administrators, and lots more, realized.


Are you drawn to a specific subject? Do you have the hope to have your worldview broadened and develop stronger critical thinking and communication skills? If you it’s a yes to any of these questions, then an online degree to be taken under the umbrella of liberal studies may be for a person like you.

A wide array of subjects make up the
field of liberal studies. They include, from English to anthropology, physicsto
mathematics, psychology to music. There’s the availability of the following
degrees,  associate, bachelor’s, master’s
 and doctoral, alongside certificates in
liberal studies subjects in a fully online format.


Engineering is a field that is to be
explored for those with the goal of applying scientific skills to real world
experience. At the introductory level for new students, online engineering
programs are made available to them, with a number of options at both the
associate and bachelor’s level. Online master’s and doctoral degrees in
engineering are available as well for those who have more experience in the

A research should be carried out by
Interested students on the engineering specializations that attract them, as
online programs are available in areas such as electrical engineering,  civil engineering, software engineering and
mechanical engineering. Work may be found at the following places: research
labs, governmental agencies, large corporations, construction sites, or small
companies for an online engineering degree program.


There is the availability of a wide
range of healthcare related online degrees which include programs in nursing,
pharmacy, nutrition, personal training, public health, respiratory therapy,
healthcare administration and medical and dental assisting.

Through these online degree programs,
students are prepared to have interest in the promotion of health and wellness
to ensure that healthy living is maintained by others.

There is variation in careers in
healthcare from hands-on positions, like working as a dental assistant, to more
administrative positions, such as working behind the scenes for the provision
of others with exceptional care. All the levels with it’s variety has the
availability of an online degree. These levels include:  associate, bachelor, master, doctoral and
certificate degrees to make your choice.

Scholarship Opportunities Online

These online degree scholarships are open to Bachelor & Masters Programs and include:

  • University of the People Tuition Free Degrees scholarship
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
  • Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships
  • edX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities
  • Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund
  • Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund
  • Foundation Hoffmann Scholarship
  • UoPeople General Scholarship – open to all students


We trust that you are now informed on what an online degree program is all about; its pros and cons, things to consider before studying online, choosing an online program, what to expect from an online program, applying to an online program, list of available online programs for international students and list of online scholarships.

What is required of you Now, is to follow the steps here and to do the needful. Basically, become practical with the points here. With this in place, you will have the reason behind your pursuit of an online degree program and the degree to be bagged by it actualized.

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