Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students 2022/23

Canada is always high on the list of international students considering doing so I study abroad due to the high level of education in the country, as evidenced in the world ranking of its universities and research output. The country is home to over 640,000 international students. This volume is not surprising, given that it is famous for its world-class universities, high quality of life and commendable security. This article will try to list a few Cheap Universities in Canada for international students.

As an international student, you will need a scholarship offer to study abroad if you are financially constrained. However, those who cannot get a scholarship can look for cheap universities in Canada which are affordable and still offer good educational training.

Like many foreign applicants, you too can complete your studies in Canada – without having to spend so much money. As long as you attend any of these affordable universities in Canada, you can get quality Canadian education cheaply.

Requirements for studying at a Canadian university

To be admitted to a study program in Canada, applicants are required to meet certain criteria:

  • The basic requirements for admission to a degree program in Canada are a high school diploma. To be admitted to a master’s program, applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from recognized relevant institutions, while admission to a doctoral program requires a good master’s degree.
  • Official transcripts of students’ academic results as well as other documents such as GRE/GMAT scores (for graduate applicants) are also required.
  • Language proficiency: Depending on the higher education institution, English or French proficiency results may also be required.

Do Canadian Universities offer scholarships?

International students are bothered by the costs associated with studying abroad and so this question is an important consideration when looking for admission opportunities in Canada. The answer to the above question is a big ‘yes’. There are several scholarships in Canada opportunities for international students. These affordable universities in Canada offer scholarship opportunities to international students. With the scholarship combined with cheap tuition fees, foreign students will definitely be able to reduce their financial burden.

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List of cheap universities in Canada

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

This university is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. The University hosts more than 19,000 students from more than 115 countries who come together to study and share ideas. It is one of the top 20 research universities in Canada with more than 30 research centers and has received more than $130 million in research funding. The University is known for the lucrative scholarship opportunities it offers to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Undergraduate tuition for some courses ranges from $2550 – $11,460 per course. Postgraduate tuition can be as low as $1,905 – $3,222 per session.

  1. University of Northern British Columbia

Set in the spectacular landscape of northern British Columbia, UNBC is one of Canada’s best small universities with a passion for teaching, discovery, people, the environment and the North. The University provides outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate learning opportunities that explore cultures, health, economies, sciences and the environment.

Undergraduate tuition at UNBC ranges from $5,644 – $22,461 while graduate tuition ranges from $3,499 – $5,400.

  1. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is Canada’s dedicated university that strives to improve lives by harnessing the power of knowledge, advocacy and engagement. As an international student at SFU, campus life is rich with opportunities to engage with people, ideas and activities that contribute to personal growth and a better world. Simon Fraser University is recognized around the world for academic excellence, innovation and sustainability. The university is consistently ranked among the top research universities in Canada and as one of the top 250 universities in the world.

Undergraduate tuition ranges from $5,994 – $26,822, while graduate tuition can cost as low as $3,972.

  1. Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University has been ranked Canada’s #1 undergraduate university by Maclean’s magazine more times than any other university. Research and creative activities are a cornerstone of the Mount Allison experience – for faculty and students alike. Researchers at the university provide leadership in their respective disciplines and promote outstanding experiential learning.

Undergraduate tuition can range from $9,440 – $19,040, while graduate tuition can be as low as $5,010.

  1. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. The University’s main campus is located in the vibrant city of Saskatoon in Treaty 6 territory and the traditional homeland of the Metis. Usask is one of the leading research-intensive medical doctoral universities in Canada and hosts world-leading research in areas of global importance.

Undergraduate tuition ranges between $6,710 – $20,131 while graduate tuition is between $2,982 – $5,397.

We hope that this information about Cheap Universities in Canada was useful and therefore helped you make some decisions about choosing schools in Canada as a foreign student.

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