Best Schools for MBA in Switzerland

Switzerland hosts over 100 MBA programmes in cities like St Gallen, Geneva, and Lausanne.  The majority of the business schools in the country are offering MBA programmmes taught in English language. More than ten of them have accreditation from AMBA, AACSB, or EQUIS.

Schools in Switzerland offer some of the highest MBA salaries for MBA graduates, both in Europe and the outer world. Beyond graduation, Switzerland’s booming financial sector, together with an impressive list of companies and low tax regime, is one sector that opens its arms for employment opportunities towards MBA graduates. The average salary for MBA graduates is $131 100 + an annual bonus worth $21 400.

While most MBA programmes are taught in English language, students who decided to work in the country are faced with a unique opportunity to work in a multilingual market with options to speak French, German, and Italian. Some schools, as well, mandate students to speak at least one foreign language in addition to English.

Here are some of the best business schools found in Switzerland:

  1. The University of St Gallen School of Managements

The MBA programme at the University of St Gallen offers both full-time and part-time programmes whose focus are problem-solving and communication. Integrative thought, responsible action and an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation in business and the world are promoted by the school. It is the highest-ranked public university in Switzerland and the most prominent in the whole of German-speaking region of Europe.

  1. IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Switzerland

IMD provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves through their full-time MBA program. Students are also imparted with leadership skills in digital, entrepreneurial, and global business environments. Outstanding networking opportunities are provided for those whose ambition is to make a difference in a multifarious and swiftly fluctuating environment. The MBA is a 1-month course designed for all nationalities. aspiring candidates must be between 2 and 31, with 3 – 4 years of work experience and an average GMAT of 680.

Additionally, IMD is a triple action accredited MBA school by AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS.

  1. University of Lausanne – HEC Lausanne

The University of Lausanne has a very solid global repute as one of the top management and economics schools. Due to its outstanding training and research programmes, the school has high rankings in many international rankings.

HEC Lausanne offers a synergy between teaching and research in order to train competent and responsible executives and entrepreneurs, as well as offer qualitative advice to organizations, businesses, and policymakers. The areas of specialization include corporate finance and healthcare management in executive MBA.

It is strongly anchored in the business world through the network of 13 000 alumni, a career centre, and continuing education platform.

  1. University of Zurich – Executive MBA

This another top university in the German-speaking region, with high prestige. There are varied programmes designed to meet various students’ needs in the school.  Its major focus is in the field of business administration with specializations in entrepreneurship, organization, strategy, and more.

The programme is designed to help working-class individuals to combine education, work, and family commitments. Business and administration courses are offered to senior managers in 1 month, with 2 thematic orientations. Three-day modules every 2 weeks are taught in general management with a focus on international management. 

  1. American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland (AGSB)

The AGSB is an internationally accredited business school that is situated in Switzerland. The mission is to prepare international students with the knowledge, tools and training that would help them to become positive contributors to the general management of a business organization. Professionals are taught with cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities, equipping them with sophisticated skills to navigate the business world. It offers full-time MBA and International Management courses.

  1. University of Geneva – Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School has the mandate to ensure student success is combined with excellent academic training while allocating resources to the right quarters. It also contributes to the academic and business world through research partnership, teaching, and public distribution of discoveries.

The areas of specialization include international management, entrepreneurship, international finance, digital marketing, international relations, and sports management.

  1. EU Business School, Geneva

The EU MBA programmes are designed to accommodate the individual needs of the students. The areas of specialization range from traditional to the most current areas of international business. All classes take place in the afternoons or evenings from Monday to Friday.

The full-time programme comprises 3 terms of 10 weeks each. Students can spend between 30 to 40 hours a week on works related to MBA. There is also a two-year part-time programme with flexible options for work or business. The programme is climaxed with a dissertation.

The areas of specialization include 11 majors, some of which are international business, communication & public relations, international marketing, global banking & finance, digital business, and leisure and tourism management. Upon graduation, students earn an internationally accredited MBA degree and a state-recognized university MBA degree.

  1. IFM Business School – IFM University

IFM Business School is reputable for its excellent academic performance and innovation. Its focus is majorly on career development through solid experience. The school provides a supreme opportunity for positive global business advancement. The curriculum is designed by professionals and business leaders to give the students a competitive advantage over their equals.

The major accreditation bodies recognize the quality of education offered by IFM. It also partners with prominent institutions around the world to give help to the students in the area of recruitment.

The MBA programmes taught in the school include international business, international finance, and business transformation.

  1. Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), Switzerland

SUMAS Business and Sustainability studies are tailored to meet the needs of self-confident students who have a clear knowledge of what their career path is. The students are provided with the knowledge on how to manage sustainability and develop their competencies in becoming responsible leaders. The school also provides full-time, part-time, and distance learning programmes in sustainability management, finance, and responsible investment.

Through their alumni network, students get connected with professionals in the same field who could help them to chart a better course while building their careers.

  1. Strathclyde Business School, Switzerland

The school offers postgraduate programmes at international centres, including Switzerland. The MBA programme taught in the school is tailored for busy managers who can combine career and commitments with learning. Students could take elective summer school classes in Glasgow.

Strathclyde Business School is triple accredited by AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS. It is highly rated for its quality research impacts in business practices. Graduates from the school join a network of alumni around the world to create impacts.

The MBA programmes at Strathclyde combines elements of part-time and open learning modes of study. Attendance could be one to two weekends in a month. It takes between two – two and half years to complete the programme. Students attend a two-day intensive seminar delivered by professionals from Strathclyde University. They also attend various workshops and models to boost and develop their managerial skills and capabilities.

Here are 25 Things You Need to Know About Studying In Switzerland

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Types of MBA Programmes in Switzerland

There are several MBA programmes offered by Swiss business schools to domestic and international students. They include regular, executive, full-time, part-time, and global MBA.

  • Regular MBA: regular MBA is intended to accommodate students with no professional work experience. The duration of studies is two years, with a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 640 – 690. The GMAT score varies from school to school.
  • Executive MBA: the executive MBA is a two-year MBA program that requires students to have at least five years of work experience. Students can maintain their jobs while attending their classes on weekends. This kind of MBA is offered by HEC Geneva, HEC Lausanne, and the University of Strathclyde.
  • Full-time MBA: this is a one-year MBA programme, also known as an accelerated MBA programme. It has the same features as a regular MBA, though with the difference in duration and tuition. Most of the Swiss universities offer this programme.
  • Part-time MBA: This programme is offered online or during the weekends. It saves time for the students and allows them to maintain their job.
  • Global MBA: also known as International MBA, Global MBA is designed to offer the required skill-set for the students to enable them to run numerous business sectors in varied capacities, having the global market in mind.

Cost of Studying in Switzerland

The course fee for studying MBA in Switzerland is in the range of CHF 30 000 – CHF 85 000 for full programmes. This is dependent on the school and some schools might have fees lower than the given range.

You have to understand that a higher fee is not a guarantee for the quality of the MBA programme and has no business with the MBA rankings.

Accommodation and living expenses range from CHF 21 000 – CHF 36 000.

Work Experience

Most MBA programmes in Switzerland require about 2 – 3 years of work experience. Overall, years and work experience offer a better chance of gaining admission at good business schools.

English Requirement

IELTS or TOEFL test is required for admission and could be done within one month from the date you decide to take the test.

Additionally, the best time to apply for an MBA in Switzerland is October to May. However, different schools have different deadlines. You could visit individual schools for further information.

Work as a Student

Students are given the opportunity to work up to 15 hours per week while studying. This could only happen after spending not less than six months in Switzerland. But it is worthy of note that the MBA programme may consume much of your time due to the workload and may leave you with little or no time to work.

In conclusion, if you aim to obtain an MBA of international standard, Switzerland is there to give you the best feel. You can never regret making the decision to study and obtain your degree in this country.

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