75-year-old woman is getting a master’s degree from a South African university and is seeking to pursue a Ph.D

Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi, a 75-year-old grandmother with great determination, has fulfilled her lifelong ambition to complete her education by obtaining a master’s degree from Walter Sisulu University, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi, a holder of a degree obtained in the 1960s, said her brother-in-law, Philip Saluva, advised her to become a teacher. Once she got her degree, her passion for teaching only grew.

Having obtained her degree from Tshiya College of Education, Jennifer Mgobozi enrolled in several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in the field of Education. He has a huge passion for teaching foreign languages ​​as he speaks more than four languages.

Having worked for many years, she started furthering her education in 2016 and joined a master’s program in education at Walter Sisulu University. “I worked with ladies in Mthatha who had their families with them. After work they went home to their families while I was alone [by this stage she was divorced]”.

“I thought why should I feel lonely when I can focus on education. I thought here’s a university next to me and it’s within walking distance, so why don’t I go and enroll?’ She also added that her family questioned her desire to continue studying. However, they did not deter her.

She began working on her thesis two years after enrolling at university. “The first challenge was making it work while juggling my job. From 8 am to 4:30 pm I would be at work, however, my hours were flexible.” she recounted, adding that she had to schedule meetings with her supervisor, Dr Ntshanga Nqabeni, in the afternoons since she had to work in the mornings.

She also mentioned that it was not too difficult for her to adapt to the academic environment thanks to her experience in education as she had worked with schools in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape of South Africa.

She was very grateful for the continued support of her family and her supervisor. He described the latter as a very patient person. She said her family was very proud of her. Although they felt some discomfort, as they had not studied at a higher level, they understood that they had different aspirations.
Jennifer Mgobozi revealed that although she is 75 years old, she couldn’t be more excited to pursue her doctorate (PhD). He emphasized the importance of education and that if one wants to study, one should set realistic goals. Once these goals are set, one will work very hard to achieve them.

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