40+ Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships in UK for International Students 2023

If you are looking for fully funded undergraduate scholarships in UK for international students to study in the United Kingdom for bachelor’s degree, you’ve found it. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of undergraduate scholarships to study in UK. A good number are fully funded scholarships in UK, while the others are partial fee or tuition fee scholarships.

Before we get to it, here are basic things you need to know about
applying too study for undergraduate degree in UK.

Requirements to study undergraduate degree

In order to apply for an undergraduate degree in the UK,
applicants are required to have successfully completed high school.

UK universities accept a number of different high school qualifications, such as A-levels, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placements. Additionally, universities accept high school qualifications from many countries around the world. However, the high school certificates from some countries are not accepted for direct entry into a bachelor degree in the UK. In this case, students need to complete an international foundation course first.

How to apply for a undergraduate
degree in the UK

undergraduate applications to all UK universities are managed by UCAS
(Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), the official UK
government approved application service which is used by all UK universities. In order to apply for a bachelor degree in
the UK, applicants need to register and complete the application form on the UCAS website.

A small number of universities
allow international students to apply directly to the university. However, the
majority of universities will only accept your application through the UCAS

How the UCAS work

On the UCAS website, you can
register and create your application. You will need to complete a number of
different sections, including your personal details, educational
qualifications, financial information and a personal statement.

The personal statement is a
very important part of the application. It is your opportunity to tell the
university why you are suitable to study the course you selected. You can apply
to more than one course at the same university, or to five courses at five
different universities. Students who wish to apply for medicine, dentistry or
veterinary medicine can only apply to 4 courses. You can, however, choose a
different fifth subject such as biomedical sciences. The UCAS application fee
is £12 for a single course application or £23 for multiple courses.

Application deadlines fall on 15 October for
all medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine courses and 15 January –
for most other courses. Many universities, especially the high ranking
universities, will not accept applications after the UCAS application
deadlines. However, some universities do allow international students to apply
after the deadlines. Please contact your chosen university if you wish to apply
after the stated UCAS application deadline to find out if your application will
be considered.

40+ (Fully Funded) Undergraduate Scholarships in UK for International Students

Many universities and organizations offer UK scholarships
for international students. We have put together a compressive list to help you
navigate through the available funding opportunities out there. Be sure to come
back to this page often because we will be updating this page from time to

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1.     Newcastle University International Foundation Scholarships

INTO and the Newcastle University offers the Foundation
Scholarships for talented international students to study for post-secondary
education leading to admission to undergraduate degrees at the University.

Application Deadline: 31st July (for September
start) or 31st October (for January start).

Number of Scholarships: ten (10)

Value of Scholarship: 100% tuition fee

Duration of Scholarship: one year

2.     Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Newcastle University offers partial and full scholarship
awards to encourage well-qualified graduates assessed as international for fees
purposes to undertake taught postgraduate and undergraduate study.  
Each award is worth half or full tuition for one year payable to the student’s
tuition fee account.

Application Deadlines: Varies – 31st January, 27th April and 29th June

Eligible African Countries: South Africa, Kenya,
Egypt, Algeria and Morocco

Number of Scholarships: 14

Value of Scholarship: 50% of tuition fees

Duration of Program: 1 year

3.     University of Westminster Vice-Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship for Developing Countries

The University of Westminster offers the Vice-Chancellor’s
Scholarship, the University’s most prestigious award, aimed at fully
funding a student from a developing country to study a full-time Masters

Application Deadline: 31st May

Number of Scholarships: One (1)

Value of Scholarship: Full tuition fee waiver,
accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London.

Duration of Scholarship: for the period of the
masters program

4.     High Achiever Foundation Scholarships for African Students at University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham foundation courses provide an
entry route to selected degrees in arts, business, engineering, science and
social sciences and are an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed
to undertake a bachelor’s degree while studying at a world-class university.
The University offers 5 scholarships to students from Africa*, registering
on Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate.

Application Deadline: 29th June

Eligible African Countries: All African countries (Three of
these scholarships will be reserved for students from Kenya or Nigeria)

Number and Value of Scholarship: 5 scholarships
of £2,000 towards tuition fees

Duration: The high achiever prize is for the
first year only.

How to Apply: Visit
link below

5.     Kingston University Undergraduate Scholarships in UK for International Students

Kingston University UK offers awards to international
students totaling £200,000 every year, with international scholarships each
worth £4,000 per year of study. The scholarships are open to prospective
full-time undergraduate students in any subject area for each year of a
three-year course (subject to satisfactory progress).

Application Deadline: 31st May

Number of Scholarships: several

Value of Scholarship: international scholarships each
worth £4,000 per year of study.

Duration of Scholarship: three years

6.     Undergraduate Scholarships in UK for International Students at University of Kent

The University has a long tradition of welcoming
international students and is pleased to offer a number of scholarships for
entry at undergraduate level. Scholarships will be awarded based on the information
provided on your UCAS form, together with the clear thinking and motivation
shown in the submitted essay.

Application Deadline: 31st May

Number of Scholarships: not specified

Value of Scholarship: The scholarships are worth
£5000 per year of study at the University of Kent, towards the cost of tuition

Duration of Scholarship: for the period of study

7.     University of Sheffield Merit Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Regions

The University of
Sheffield offers Merit Scholarships to students from Africa and other
Developing countries for Undergraduate studies at the University.

Application Deadline: 20th April

Eligible African
Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria,
Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Egypt, Sudan,
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: 50% tuition waiver

Duration of Scholarship: Duration of programme

8.     University of Sussex Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

The Sussex Excellence Scholarship is a
merit-based award recognizing, and rewarding, undergraduate students who
achieved excellent academic performance before joining the University.

Application Deadline: 9th April

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value and Duration of Scholarship: 

  • £3,000 cash award in year one of a three or four
    year undergraduate degree.
  • You receive the cash award during your first
    year, awarded as separate payments of £1,500.

9.     Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship (CAPS) at Coventry University

The Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship
(CAPS) (formerly the Merit Scholarship Scheme) has been successfully
awarded to thousands of international students in the past. The CAPS
Scholarship is available to all international students applying for full-time
undergraduate programmes.

Application Deadline: 30th June

Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: Worth up to £1500

Duration of Scholarship: One time. Scholarships may
be renewed.

10.            Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarships at Kings College, London

The Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarship Programme
offers prestigious and generous scholarships to outstanding new Law students at
The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. The level of
competition for the scholarships is high and Dickson Poon Scholars are expected
to play an active role in the School community during their studies and in the
global community after graduation.

Application Deadlines: There are twoapplication rounds, 31st
October and 1st March

Number of Awards: Up to 30

Value of Award: Scholars will receive financial
support of £5,000 per year for the duration of the degree programme to which
they are admitted. Scholars will also receive complimentary King’s
accommodation during the first year of their LLB programme.

11.            University of East Anglia Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

Each year, the University of East Anglia in UK awards over
£1,000,000 of scholarships to support international students in their studies.
The scholarship awards are made available by individual Schools of Study in the
University. All international students (outside the European Union) are
considered for a scholarship of between 10% and 50% of tuition fees.

Application Deadline: 22nd June

Number of Awardees: 50

Value of the Program: Scholarships are awarded
in amounts of 25% or 50% of your tuition fees and are deducted on a yearly
basis from your tuition fees.

Duration of Scholarship: Complete duration of

12.            Bank of England Undergraduate Scholarships for African Students 

The scholarship offers financial support to students from
Black or Mixed African or Caribbean backgrounds that will be starting their
undergraduate degree courses at UK universities in the next academic year.

Application Deadline: 22nd January.

Number of Awardees: 3

Value of Scholarship: The programme will provide
successful candidates with:

  •  Up to
    £30,000 to support living costs during your undergraduate degree.
  •  Paid summer internships.
  •  Mentoring, coaching and support from a
    member of our team.

Duration of Scholarship: 3 years

13.            University College London (UCL) Scholarships for International Students

University College London (UCL) and United World Colleges
(UWC)  with International Student House (ISH), have agreed to collaborate
in a scheme to enable graduates of UWC, who are financially unable to study in
the UK, to pursue full-time undergraduate studies at UCL. With this scheme UCL
supports the aims of UWC to make education a force to unite people, nations and
cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Two bursaries are available
annually for UWC-nominated students who have firmly accepted their UCL admissions

Application Deadline: 15th January

Number of Awardees: Two

Value of Scholarship: The scholarships will
consist of:

  • full tuition fees;
  • maintenance allowance of £7,000 per year, for
    three years
  • free accommodation
  • reimbursement of Tier 4 Visa application costs;
  • international economy air travel to/from the UK

Duration of Scholarship: for 3 years but can be
extended to four years

14.            University College London (UCL) Access Opportunity Scholarship

UCL announced the establishment of a new scholarship scheme: the
Access Opportunity Scholarship. The intention of the scholarship is to support
those, who because of their immigration status are not able to secure student
loans for their higher education. Asylum seekers, children of asylum seekers,
or unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and who are holding an offer for an
undergraduate place at UCL will be eligible.

Application Deadline: 06 July

Duration of Award: For
the normal duration of your programme at UCL. Your scholarship will cease (from
the start of the following academic year), if you are granted refugee status or
humanitarian protection whilst a student at UCL because you will then have
access to UK student loans and you will be expected to apply for available
student finance.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: The scholarship will consist of
full tuition fees and a living allowance of £10,750 per year for the normal
duration of your programme at UCL.

Annual renewal of the scholarship is subject to satisfactory
academic progress.

15.            Leeds University Business School Scholarships

Leeds University Business School offers international
scholarships are available to undergraduate students who have demonstrated
sustained academic excellence and have the potential to make a significant
contribution to Business School life.

Application Deadline: 6th April

Eligible African Counties: Nigeria and Kenya

Number of Awardees: Up to eight (8) scholarship slots
available. Two (2) slots for each country

Value of Scholarship: Candidate will receive an
award of £2,500 per year for each standard year of study towards the cost of

Duration of Scholarship: Duration of Undergraduate

16.            Ashinaga Scholarships for Orphans from sub-Saharan Africa

Ashinaga presents the “Ashinaga Africa Initiative” aiming to
provide higher education to 20 brilliant students from Sub-Saharan African
countries each year, some of which are among the poorest in the world, and
encourage them to become leading professionals in their own countries. Ashinaga, Japan-based non-profit
organization offers scholarship to students from select African countries
to study for undergraduate degrees at the world’s leading universities in
countries such as Japan, US, UK etc

Application Deadline: 25th February

Number of Awards: 20

Value of the Program: The Ashinaga (100-Year Vision)
Scholarship provides a full scholarship that covers the cost of tuition,
accommodation (during the terms and vacation), insurance, flight, and provides
monthly stipend which covers food and necessary academic costs.

Duration of Scholarship: for the period of
undergraduate studies

17.            King’s College London Undergraduate Scholarships for Medicine Students

King’s College London offers an award to undergraduate
students entering for the next academic session; One award for entry onto ONE
of the following full-time Undergraduate programmes:

  • • BSc in Global Health & Social
  • • BA in Global Health & Social Medicine

Application Deadline: 15th January

Number of Awards: 1

Value of Award: £9,000 each year. The
bursary covers only part of the annual tuition fees and applicants should
ensure that they have sufficient means to cover the remaining tuition fees, as
well as maintenance costs.

Duration of Program: 4 years

18.            Reach Oxford Scholarships for Undergraduates from Developing Countries

A number of Oxford colleges offer Reach Oxford scholarships
(formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) to students from low income
countries that, for political or financial reasons, or because standard
educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own
countries. Scholarship winners will study at University of Oxford, UK under any
undergraduate course of study, except Medicine due to the course length and

Application Deadline: 

  1. Application deadline to the University of Oxford
    through UCAS: 15th October
  2. Application deadline for scholarship: 16th February

Number of Awardees: Around
2-3 per year

Value of Award: Fulltuition fees and college
fees, a grant for living expenses and one return air fare per year

Duration of Award: 3-4 years, depending on course

19.            The Denys Holland Scholarship for Financially-Challenged Students

The Denys Holland Scholarship
aims to support undergraduate students from any country, who without the
support of the scholarship would be unable to secure the funding required to
study at UCL, and whom can demonstrate their intention to make full use of the
activities offered by UCL and the Student Union. The scholarship is
awarded on the basis of financial hardship, subject to applicants demonstrating
their intention to play a full part in extracurricular activities of UCL and
the Students Union.

Application Deadline: 6th July

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship is
worth £9,000 per annum and scholars may choose to use all or part of the
scholarship to cover fees. Any remainder is paid to the scholar as a
maintenance stipend.

Duration of Scholarship: The scholarship is for
one year in the first instance, but will be renewed subject to satisfactory
progress, for up to a total of three years.

20.            Swansea University International Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies

The Swansea University offers applications for a range of
undergraduate scholarships. Scholarships on offer will result in a discount in
tuition fees and cannot be used in lieu of a deposit. Applications are offered
for International Merit (up to £2,000) and International Excellence (up to
£6,000) scholarships.

Application deadline: 6th July

Eligible African
Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda,
Zambia, Zimbabwe

Number of Awardees: Several

Value of Award: International
Merit (up to £2,000) and International Excellence (up to £6,000) scholarships.

21.            Nottingham Trent University Scholarship for Undergraduate International Students

The Nottingham Trent University offers a range of
scholarships for International Students starting a full-time undergraduate
study. This application form can be used to apply for the International
Undergraduate Scholarship.

Application Deadlines: 23th April

Duration of Scholarship: fouryears

Value of Award: This scholarship is worth £2,000
per year for a three year course.

22.            University of Brighton International Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

There are up to 50 merit-based scholarships available to new
full-time international students on undergraduate or postgraduate taught degree
courses at University of Brighton. Students progressing directly from the
University of Brighton International College are also eligible to apply.
Applications are open to students holding an offer to start their course in the
next academic year.

Application Deadline: There are four application
deadlines throughout the year: 31 January, 31 March, 31 May, and 31 July

Number of Awardees: 50

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship is worth a
£5,000 reduction in tuition fees for the first year of your course only.

Duration of Scholarship: first year of study

23.            Heriot-Watt Undergraduate Overseas Scholarships

Heriot-Watt University is
continuing its new Scholarship Programme for overseas (non-EU) applicants to
eligible Undergraduate degree programmes.

Application Deadline: 30 April

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: up to 100% fee
reduction. Successful Scholarships will benefit from a fee reduction in
one of three Categories:

  • Heriot-Watt Merit Scholarships – 25% reduction
  • Heriot-Watt Excellence Scholarships – 50%
  • Heriot-Watt Distinction Scholarships – 100%
    reduction (maximum of five scholarships)

Duration of Scholarship: 4 years

24.            Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Maths Scholarships for International Students

Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Maths Scholarships are
offered to students who are nationals of countries outwith the EU for
undergraduate study in Maths offered by the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Application Deadline: 30th April

Number of Scholarships: Minimum of Fifteen (15)

Scholarship Worth: £1,000 per year.

Duration of Scholarship: Awards are tenable
for the duration of the programme of study.

25.            University of Bedfordshire Scholarships for Students from Africa and Other Regions

Each year the
University of Bedfordshire, UK offers international scholarships to
international students from various countries – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
– of high academic standing commencing their studies at the University.

Application Deadline: 31st July

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: 

  • £2,000 for some countries and £1,000 for
    some other countries.
  • There is also a £500 merit scholarship available
    for those scoring 60% and above marks in their academic subjects with an
    average IELTS score of 6.0 with 5.5 in each band.
  • There will also be a £750 Prompt Payment
    Discount available for continuing students progressing to their next year of
    study when full fees are paid on or before registration.

Duration of Scholarship: 1 year

26.            Brunel University International Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The University of Bruneloffers scholarship awards, which will comprise a £6,000 discount on the cost of tuition fees.
The International Scholarships are open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate
taught students who are classed as overseas for fee purposes.

Application Deadline: 31st May

Number of Awardees: 55

Value of Scholarship: £6,000 fee waiver on
tuition fee for year 1 only.

Duration of Scholarship: 1 year

27.            African Scholarships at Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier
University, UK offers fee reduction scholarships for African Students to study
for Undergraduate or Postgraduate (Masters) degrees. Edinburgh Napier
University has partial scholarships of £3,000 available for self-funding
students domiciled in Africa starting a course at Edinburgh Napier in September
or January.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: £3,000

Duration of Scholarship: One year

28.            University of Salford International Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The University of Salford welcomes applicants from across
the world and seeks to encourage and support international students who are not
only academic, but are enterprising, creative, and community-minded. With a
fund of up to £100,000, the Salford
International Excellence Award, is a new scholarship programme
to actively support a wide range of talented, inspiring and creative
international students who aim to be the leaders of the future.

University of Salford’s international students are
active in their studies, enthusiastic in gaining positive experiences from
their time in the UK, and use their knowledge, skills and experience to take on
the challenges of the world.

Application Deadline: 1st June

Number of Awards: Unlimited

Value of Award: £1,000 to 5,000

29.            University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

International Ambassadors are active representatives for the
University. The International Ambassador Scholarship is intended to
recognize and provide financial support for outstanding students who wish to
act as ambassadors for the University of West London. As an ambassador you will
act as an active representative of the University. You will be expected to
participate in current and future promotional activities, and as such, will be
interviewed and photographed by the University’s marketing department.

Application Deadline: 15th July

Number of Awardees: 50

Value of Scholarship: £5,000

30.            University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholars
Programme will provide 80 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate African students
with full scholarships over the next seven years. Students will receive
comprehensive support to remove barriers to study in Edinburgh and they will
benefit from extracurricular course elements including summer schools and
internships to build their abilities and make a difference to their home
countries and communities on their return.

Application Deadline: 30th November

Eligible African
Sub-Saharan African countries; applications from Malawi,
Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are particularly welcome

Number of Awardees: 

  • 25 scholarships are available for undergraduate
  • 10 scholarships are available for Masters

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship will
provide full scholarships, including accommodation costs, living costs, travel
and tuition fees

Duration of Scholarship: Complete duration of
any programme.

31.            Anglia Ruskin International Excellence Scholarship

Up to 30 awards of £3000 will be awarded towards the first
year of full time study (undergraduate and postgraduate taught). 

Application Deadline: 13th July and 30th

Number of Awards: 30

Value of Program: £3000

Duration of Program: 1 year

32.            University of Bradford International Academic Excellence Scholarships

The University of Bradford offers a number of scholarships tointernational
candidates for undergraduate and Postgraduate taught studies at the

Application Deadline: 4th June

Number of Awardees: Unlimited scholarships

Value of the Award: academic-related fee scholarships
worth £2,500, £3,000, £3,500 or £4,000 based on your entry qualifications and

Duration of Scholarship: 1 year

33.            University of Derby Regional High Achievers Scholarship

The University of Derby offers the Regional High Achievers
scholarships for students from SE Asiam China, Africa and North Africa. These
scholarships are available to apply for once you have received an offer on a
course from the University.

Application Deadline: 14th January

Number of Awards:

  • Undergraduate:5
  • Masters: 5

Value of Award:

  • Undergraduate:£3,000
  • Masters: £3,000

34.            Bristol University Think Big Scholarships for International Students

Bristol University iscommitted to helping and
nurturing global talent to produce the future leaders of tomorrow. Bristol
University is investing £500,000 to help the brightest and best international
students come to the University of Bristol. 26 Think Big Undergraduate
scholarships and 26 Think Big Postgraduate scholarships are available

Application Deadlines: 23rd March (first round)
and 29th June (second round)

Number of Awards: 26 Undergraduate scholarships
and 26 Postgraduate scholarships.

Value of Award: Award covers between 25 and 100
per cent of tuition fees for the duration of your course.

Duration of Program: Duration of candidate’s
chosen program

35.            Transform Together Full-Time Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University

Transform Together scholarships are open to students from
any non-EU country applying to study at Sheffield Hallam University to enroll
in the next academic year. The scholarships will be awarded to well-qualified
students who demonstrate academic, personal or professional achievement on
their scholarship application form. Successful applicants will be awarded with
a certificate to mark their achievement following enrolment on their course.

Application Deadlines: 31st May

Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: Half fee waiver (50%)
is available for postgraduate courses and for each year of an undergraduate
degree. A package of incentives is to be confirmed, but will include

  • the opportunity to become an alumni ambassador
    back in your home country
  • a programme of events which aims to enhance your
    learning and social experience with fellow scholars
  • a Sheffield Hallam University hoodie

Duration of Scholarship: for full period of study

36.            Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students

The Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor’s International
Scholarships, worth over £2M, offers funding awards to international students
across undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study.

Application Deadline: 24thAugust

Number of Awardees:  Not specified

Value of Scholarship: 

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
    is a £2,000 award applied to the first year of study only.
  • Qualifying recipients of the scholarship will
    receive the award in the form of a tuition fee discount. No cash alternative is
    available and the award cannot be used in place of any required deposit.

Duration of Scholarship: One time

37.            Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Newcastle University offers partial scholarship awards to
encourage well-qualified graduates assessed as international for fees purposes
to undertake taught postgraduate and undergraduate study. Each award is
worth £3,000 for one year payable to the student’s tuition fee
account.   Research postgraduates and fully funded taught
postgraduates are not eligible to receive these awards.

Application Deadline: Awards may be allocated
early in the application cycle; early course applications are therefore

Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: £1,500 – £3,000 tuition
fee awards

38.            The International Excellence Scholarship at Brunel University

Thanks to the generosity of Brunel’s alumni and supporters,
the University offers 55 awards, which comprise a £6,000 discount on
the cost of tuition fees, open to Undergraduate
and Postgraduate Taught students who are classed as overseas for fee
purposes. Scholarship holders will represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout
their time at the University

Application Deadline:  31st May

Number of Awardees: 55

Value of Scholarship: £6,000 fee waiver on
tuition fee.

Duration of Scholarship: 1 year

39.            Manchester Metropolitan University Vice-Chancellor Scholarships for International Students

Manchester Metropolitan University provides a range of
university-wide undergraduate and postgraduate funding which international
students are able to apply for, including alumni discounts and faculty-specific
discounts. These scholarships are open to international students who enroll on
a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme.

Application Deadlines: 18th May and 18th October

Value of the Program: £5,000. The scholarship
will be deducted directly from tuition fees owed to the University.

Duration of
The scholarship is for the first year of academic study only.

40.             University of Cambridge Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for International Students 

The University of Cambridge opens application for
all scholarships that require you to apply to the University of Cambridge
via the normal online application form, and most scholarships that require you
to apply by the relevant deadline.

Application Deadlines: 

  • Undergraduate: 15th October
  • Graduate: 6th December

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: Full-funded

Duration of Program: Duration of candidates

41.            University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship (FEES) for International students 

The University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering
Excellence Scholarship (FEES) offers a number of scholarships for self-funded,
international (non-EU) fee-paying students with excellent academic

Application Deadline: 10th August

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: Up to £3,750

Duration of Scholarship: One year

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